Solo Staker - withdraw surplus ETH

I had an 0x account, and didn’t have to exit to restake. I followed the guide, and created an EigenPod address and changed my contract address to that. However, it shows the 32 ETH balance only and not my accumulated rewards. It is my understanding that if I had changed the address from 0x to a personal 1x wallet, I would be able to withdraw those rewards. So, two questions:

  • Where are my accumulated rewards since I started staking in 2019?
  • How do I withdraw them now that I switched to EigenPod?

I am interested in know the answer to this before I restake. pls respond

Correction: referring to 0x00 and 0x01 accounts.

Addition: Extra ETH are released to a new 0x01 address immediately and I see the transaction in the validator queue for 5 days from now. What happens when they hit the EigenPod address?!

Please update the documentation to explain this better. EVERY 0x00 address will have more than 32 ETH because they’ve been staking for 3 years.

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I still don’t have access to my validator funds, let alone the additional
rewards. All proceeded as per the documentation for native staking, except
that at the end the Unstake button is greyed out.

I note that my validator funds over 32 are still being processed on the
chain and are supposed to arrive in less than two days. I have no idea
what is going on and I’m going crazy in the meantime. Support has been
very slow.

Many days of grief would have been avoided if this can be added to the documentation:

If you are a native staker with an 0x00 address, when you set your withdrawal address to the EignenPod address you will have to wait for the withdrawal of your surplus funds to be complete. Until then, your Validator balance will show 32 ETH in fiat, your EigenPod balance will be zero, and the unstake button will be greyed out.

I had to wait a whole week, thinking the whole time that I had lost access to my funds.

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All the extra ETH over 32 will also go to the EigenPod address first. To withdraw those funds just go to the Eigenlayer website and click unstake. That will withdraw any extra ETH over 32.

Hello - sorry to hear that the Support response was slower than you expected. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an SLA for issue resolution. Per the followup sent directly to you today, you should have received guidance from Engineering team that will begin to address your concerns.

We also appreciate your feedback on the documentation. We will take a few additional steps to enhance our documentation including:

  • Further explanation of the relationship between and the Restaking UI. The user must exit their validator to unstake funds, the UI will have transitioned to “Exited”.
  • Enhance the Mainnet restaking withdrawal warning with a “warning” info admonition
    • “[Info] First, initiate a withdrawal from your consensus client to your EigenPod contract. Once you withdraw from Ethereum, your staked ETH balance is credited to your EigenPod address and can be viewed on the EigenLayer app …”

What can I do to get you to update the documentation!?

No, I do not need to exit my validator. You state this clearly in your documentation:

  1. For existing 0x01 validators you need to exit your validators
    NOTE: I am not a 0x01 validator
  2. Create EigenPod
  3. Deploy New Validators and Set Withdrawal Credentials to EigenPod or provision as 0x00 prefix to change later
  4. If deployed as 0x00 prefix you will need to Set Validator Withdrawal Credentials to your EigenPod
    NOTE: This is what I did
  5. Withdraw from EigenLayer

At this point, you must explain to 0x00 users that their screen will look like this:

Please note how this is different from the one pictured on your site. The EigenPod Balance is zero and both the withdraw and Unstake buttons are greyed out.

0x00 users must be instructed that when they set EigenPod as their withdrawal address, the withdrawal will be initiated immediately, but it will be in the withdrawal queue for a number of days. When those funds finally arrive at the EigenPod address, they will see a balance in EigenPod, and they will have the options to withdraw or unstake.

This is how it worked for me, but I lived in terror for 6 whole days with no confirmation that the transfer was successful, and started assuming I had lost all my ETH.

Please, please, please update the documentation. It does NOT cover what happens for 0x00 addresses, only explaining that we don’t need to exit.

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Per the Support ticket email sent to you yesterday …

Thank you for your feedback. This is good timing as we are in the process of updating this content.

To clarify, is this your recommendation for screenshot improvements:

  1. Modify the screenshot on “Set Validator Withdrawal Credentials” so that the Unstake button appears as greyed out or non-clickable?

  1. Enhance the Full Withdrawal page Step 1 to clarify: “A full exit from the validator queue is required, which can take multiple days. Please refer to for the latest expected timing.”
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I’m not sure you understand how terrifying it is to restake a whole validator and not receive any assurance that I still have the ability to manage my funds. The information provided on the staking screen is inadequate because greyed out buttons tell you nothing. If you can provide some comments on the screen explaining why those options can’t be selected, it will be of great help.