Change validator withdrawal credentials of an existing validator with type 0x01

Hey guys, I just created an Eigenpod and wanted to add my already existing validator to it.

Unfortunately I’m not able to proceed because my currently active withdrawal credential starts with 0x01 and I cannot change it to the my new Eigenpod address. Wagyu Key Gen only accepts addresses with 0x00.

So is there any option to contribute with Eigenlayer now? Or is the only option to completely exit my validator from beacon chain and activate it again? That would be really disappointing because I need to wait 2 months again (exit and activation time).


Hi Dennis - Regrettably, you’ll have to exit and re-enter the queue with a new validator set to your EigenPod (or deploy with 0x00 and switch to your EigenPod later - you can only switch this ONCE). If you’re in the queue and set your withdrawal cred to your EigenPod, you can start accumulating Restake Points during that time. Restake Points are calculated based on the staked amount over time, measured in ETH per second.