How is native restaking point calculated?

According to the document, we know:

Restaking Points: A measure of your total EigenLayer restaking contribution. Based on amount of ETH staked over time, in units of ETH per second.

Points = ETH amount x Restaking time

For native restaking, I think the start time should be when the credentials are set to the EigenPod contract. But from the point I got, I found that the start time is the time my validator was active.

See this link:

this link is the summary of the EigenPod contract 0x3Bda09943b6D0Eda1B4fdE3a7344897032b24061

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Please, why is the Eth tread is in per seconds?

@Chukksyy I also wonder the same. :neutral_face:

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Thanks for everything

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Still not get it :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Too hard to understand for me xD