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đź“ŚWelcome to The Restaking Collective

The Restaking Collective is a forum for the crypto community where anyone can join.

📢Updates and Announcements

EigenLayer Updates and Announcements

🔵EigenLayer Protocol

Discuss EigenLayer’s restaking protocol, including the restaker user experience, implementation of slashing conditions, and how to participate as an operator.

đź“‘EigenDA Development

Discuss EigenLayer’s data availability service for rollups, discover projects building on it, and learn how to use it for your own project.

🔬New Middleware R&D

Research and ideas for new middleware to be built on the EigenLayer protocol, including MEV, rollup sequencing, bridging, oracle, and other solutions. All ideas and contributions are welcome.


Discussion that doesn’t fit into any other category.

🔧Testnet Feedback & Support

Leave your opinion or comment about the EigenLayer Testnet

New LST token on EigenLayer

Are you interested in having your Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) available for restaking with EigenLayer? We invite you to introduce your project to the EigenLayer community for further discussion.