Changing validator withdrawal address

Hi. I tried to change my validator withdrawal address on Allnodes to the EigonPod address I set up, but I don’t think I did this correctly and was confused by it all. There was no place to change this on Allnodes that I could find and I only had 20 or so minutes to do this (the alloted time Allnodes allows once I decided to change the Allnodes address). I instead changed my recipient fee address using the EigonPod address I generated, but I don’t see any of the ETH there now while the staked ETH node on Allnodes is no longer there. I don’t see my ETH in my Ledger wallet either, so at this point I don’t know where the ETH is and it appears lost. I sent a message to Allnodes too about this. I desparately hope I did not lose my 32 ETH as well as the awards. Any advice would be appreciated.

I actually got this sorted out with Allnodes. I made a mistake in this whole process, and ended up having to host my node back. Now all is back to normal on Allnodes with my staked ETH (and the rewards), but I still don’t know how to restake on Eigenlayer. Someone from Allnodes support said that I will need to create a new node with “deposit cli app” and use the required withdrawal address there as withdrawal credentials, adding that that Allnodes is preparing a guide on how to do this right now. He added that I will have create new keystore files and make another deposit, which seems as though I will have to just stake the 32 ETH there all over again. Seems rather technical, and maybe using LIDO or Rocket Pool may be a lot easier at this stage.

To restake natively on Eigenlayer you need to point the withdrawal address to the EigenPod address WELL BEFORE you started the validator. To be exact, it is that you have to point the withdrawal address to the EigenPod when

  1. you are entering the withdrawal address on the Ethereum launchpad website
  2. generating the deposit data and keystore json files

If you want to do so you need to withdraw your 32ETH and stake again.