Trying to leave EigenLayer

Hi. I have 3 validators. I was using to restake with EigenLayer. I need to unstake all 3 validators… and I thought it would be as easy as using the “withdraw” button on the dashboard. They did all withdraw… but now on my EigenLayer dashboard it shows I have 96 Eth restaked on the beacon chain. When I click on the restake section… it shows I have 64 to unstake and 32 that can be redeposited.

I am trying to unstake all 96… and move them back to the original address I started with before I ever came to Eigenlayer.

What do I need to do?

Have you tried to reach out the team through telegram or by dm? I think you will get more support by direct contact than here. P2P is a staking provider platform, not the official interface provided by EigenLayer

Reading the FAQ it seems that 32 of your ETH is now available to withdrawn due the 7 day unstake period window so probably by now you can withdraw everything. But again, try to contact with the team