Operators Mainnet Campaign

Additional Information:

We have also launched an EigenLayer node on the Holesky test network. It appears important to highlight this.

Since the original message can no longer be modified, we’ve included this information as a follow-up.

Operator Name: maciverNODE

Operator Profile: Solo-Staker.

Experience: Bachelor of computer science, running validator nodes since 2021. Was an early validator on solana. Have participated in over 50 networks since getting involved in crypto in 2021.

Mainnet restake amount: 10.5ETH

Where do you run your infra: The main machines are located in Europe (Germany).

What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%

Performance Metrics: uptime 99.9%, availability through various communication channels around the clock 24/7.

EigenDA Testnet Performance: 99.9% uptime while in the active set.

Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet The testnet was an overall smooth experience and the communication towards developers/operators was great.

**How long were you in the active set? Was a part of the active set since January 2024 with a high stake. Was on page one for the majority of the participation of the active set.

Currently in no other AVS testnets other than EigenDA however future AVS testnets may be opted into if applicable after due-dilligance.

  • Operator Name: Unity Capital
  • Website: unitycapital.vc
  • Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
  • Experience: Ethereum solo-staker, Cosmos network validators
  • Team: Crypto native investors and DevOps engineers
  • Mainnet restake amount: 1000+ ETH
  • Where do you run your infra: South-East Asia, primarily Singapore and Indonesia
  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: We’re aiming for 3%
  • Performance Metrics: 99.99% uptime for our mainnet validators
  • EigenDA Testnet Performance: Good while in active set
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs: Yes. We will seek the highest yield :slight_smile:
  • Operator Name:Nexus Node

  • Website:http://nexusnode.tilda.ws/home

  • Operator Profile:Solo-Staker

  • Experience: 10+ years DevOps experience,3 years of node operating.

  • Team: Our crew consists of four team member. One cryptography expert who was down into rabbit hole since 2017.A money guy who was broker from cex turned into early investor. A code wizard responsible for the node running and the data detective was qualifed dune wizard

  • Mainnet restake amount: 33 ETH

  • Where do you run your infra: EU

  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 2.5~4 %

  • Performance Metrics: We consistently maintain an uptime of approximately 99.5%, ensuring seamless functionality without any disruptions till the shut down of Geori testnet.
    Eigentest Details: https://goerli.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0x65e638f14e091cf88b08f7fcc85dc5cf4c5c17df

  • EigenDA Testnet Performance:

    • Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet.

      • Operating the EigenDA testnet has granted us valuable insights and practical expertise in navigating this experimental landscape. We’ve delved into various restaking strategies, encompassing stETH, ankrETH, and more.
  • How long were you in the active set? Since March 2024

  • What were your performance metrics?

    • Testnet node has a >99.5% Uptime over period in active set.Eigen performance score is 100. Timely process each upgrade and monitor node operations in real-time.
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:

    • Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA? Hyperlane & Taiko
    • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to? SSV Network Operator
    • How do you plan to evaluate AVSs?
      • Performance metrics such as required processing power and network efficiency will be assessed.
      • Evaluation of disk space usage growth rate to ensure scalability and resource optimization.
      • Risk analysis regarding slashing for stakers to maintain network integrity and incentivize responsible participation.
      • Examination of demand for the Autonomous Verification System (AVS) to gauge market adoption and sustainability.
      • Review of the economic model to ensure it incentivizes desired behaviors and promotes network health.
      • Verification of security audits to ascertain the protocol’s robustness and resilience against potential threaten
    • Are there any types of AVSs you would not opt into?
      • If the AVS project aligns with our standards, we’re eager to explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Mainnet Operator Address: 0xa2d252436d6747b689858e035e00aff7f07bd126

  • Enhance Your Visibility on Social Media: https://twitter.com/0xsatoshis

  • Operator Name: Blacknodes

  • Operator Profile: Enterprise-Grade Validator

  • Experience:
    Blacknodes is a leading Enterprise-Grade Validator and staking platform based out of India, provides reliable nodes, services and infrastructure to the network we support.
    We 5+ years of experience supporting 60+ Mainnet and Testnet and more than $110M staked with 99.99% uptime on our nodes makes us a reliable partner for your Mainnet Staking.

  • Team: We are a skilled team of six people with 3 senior devs and 2 marketing and business development and 1 community mod.

  • Mainnet restake amount: 10+ ETH

  • Where do you run your infra: Mumbai, India

  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%

  • Performance Metrics: During the Goerli Eigen Layer Testnet, we had a 100% uptime and with a update time of less than 15 min.

  • How long were you in the active set? From Nov-31-2023

  • Mainnet Operator Address: 0x5f8499ed8Ea44D8c97735Fd18fbe950895AA8Ad8

Operator Name: Max Foton nodes

Website: https://maxfoton.tech

Operator Profile: Max Foton nodes

Experience: 4 years in blockchain.

Our team of two people from Georgia, who is running 15 validators in mainnet.

Where do you run your infrastructure: Region Europe/ Georgia

What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%

Performance Metrics: In all networks that we operate, we maintain ~99% uptime and do not miss a single update. We are interested in participating in management and helping teams test and debug updates.

Restake amount on the main network:
We currently do not have nodes or re-staking on the Ethereum mainnet, but we are working towards it.

EigenDA Testnet Performance:

We joined the Eigen operator set and engaged an operator https://goerli.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0x392831b9a693789ba3a5cd36d3aed9a48e166c77 with high uptime, but did not have time to get into the active set due to the high rate.
We have been active for more than 2 months
We operate a high-performance server and ensure uninterrupted operation

How do you plan to evaluate AVS? We plan to evaluate any AVS

Operator Name: hahaHash
Website: hahahash.lol
Twitter: @hahaHash_lol
Research Example: dune.com/hahahash/eigenlayer
Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
Mainnet restake amount: 100 ETH
Infrastructure Region: North America and Europe
Operator commission rate: 5-10% range (TBD)
Performance Metrics: 99.9% uptime, with a track record of swift upgrades, incident resolution and community engagement

We’ve built some of the most popular tools for EigenLayer users to date. Our Dune dashboard is the go-to resource for restakers, operators and analysts. By stepping up as a mainnet node operator, hahaHash is excited to play a more direct role in crafting a network that’s resilient, diverse and securely interconnected. From the very beginning, we committed our capital as restakers in round one, when EigenLayer’s TVL was only $15 million. We doubled down on our commitment by operating our node since the first week of the testnet, establishing ourselves as one of the longest-active nodes. While our operations reflect institutional quality, our focus remains on supporting the broader restaker community with the premier research and tools they rely on.

Our team brings together seasoned professionals in blockchain, including specialists in protocol design, smart contract development, DevOps, economics, UX design and analytics. Their diverse backgrounds enable us to approach challenges with a well-rounded perspective, ensuring innovative and rapid solutions.

EigenDA Testnet Performance:
hahaHash has been an early node operator for EigenDA since late 2023. Our node has maintained a consistent presence in the AVS active set for over four months. Our performance metrics boast a 100% signing rate while opted-in and an overall uptime of 99.99%. Throughout this period, we’ve also supported fellow node operators by assisting with the resolution of testnet issues promptly on Discord and reporting unexpected protocol issues to the team early on.

Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:
We’re currently onboarding to Espresso, with plans to expand further soon. Our AVS evaluation is based on security, community support, and potential impact on the broader Ethereum ecosystem. We’re open to most AVSs but will avoid those with unclear governance or security concerns.

Since InfStones was established in 2018, we’ve been dedicated to providing top-tier validation services, rising to become the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider. Our esteemed clients include industry leaders such as Binance, Circle, OKX, Lido, and Swell, reinforcing our status as a trusted partner in the blockchain arena.

InfStones is also part of the Swell Liquid Restaking Council and a strategic partner of Puffer.

With robust support for over 80 blockchain protocols, InfStones is not just keeping pace with the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem but is actively shaping its future. Our services have expanded to include cutting-edge solutions for staking, node management, and enterprise-grade API services, positioning us as the ultimate one-stop-shop for blockchain infrastructure needs.

Our reputation is built on a foundation of security and reliability. We take pride in our spotless record of zero slashing events for all 20,000+ Ethereum validators since the launch of our ETH validator services. This is more than just a statistic—it’s a testament to our meticulous risk management protocols and our commitment to safeguarding over $1 billion in ETH assets.

  • Team:
    InfStones boasts a team of 70+ skilled professionals each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the blockchain space. Our team members, drawn from tech and finance, steer a global crew of engineers, researchers, and support staff committed to security, innovation, and seamless service.

  • Mainnet restake amount:

    • We are engaged in strategic collaborations with various Liquid Restaking Protocols like Swell, Puffer, and StakeStone. Additionally, we plan to restake our own ETH and establish partnerships with numerous institutional clients.
    • Our clients can also directly benefit from our Native Restaking offerings, you can join right now! Check out more details here.
  • Where do you run your infra:
    We can launch instances anywhere in Asia, North America and Europe. We also have a diverse regional presence across multiple cloud platforms.

  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate:
    InfStones aims to become top 10 operators for EigenLayer at mainnet launch, our commission will be competitive. Please follow us on X https://twitter.com/InfStones to get the latest updates.

  • Performance Metrics:
    Since 2018, the InfStones team has diligently worked on over 100 diverse protocols, bolstering the infrastructure of numerous blockchains. At present, we proudly maintain active support for over 80 protocols, consistently ranking as a top performer in the industry. Notably, our team has been at the forefront of ETH staking since its inception on the testnet, boasting a flawless record of zero slashing events throughout our history. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering the most performant infrastructure solutions to our valued clients.

  • EigenDA Testnet Performance:
    InfStones participated in the EigenDA testnet from its launch until the conclusion of the Goerli Testnet. We plan to continue supporting EigenDA after the testnet is redeployed in Holesky and prepare for the mainnet launch. During our support of the EigenDA Goerli testnet, InfStones upheld strong performance metrics and offered feedback for improvements.

  • AVS Strategy:
    InfStones is participating in the testnets of the following AVSs: Lagrange, WitnessChain, ETHOS, EOracle, NEAR MPC, OpenLayer, Supermeta, and Aligned Layer. Additionally, we are actively working with new upcoming AVSs to support them on testnet.

  • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to?
    So far InfStones is in collaboration to support the following AVS’s: Lagrange, WitnessChain, ETHOS, EOracle, NEAR MPC, Supermeta, Aligned Layer, OpenLayer, Espresso, HyperLane, AltLayer, Drosera, and many more coming through the pipeline.

  • How do you plan to evaluate AVSs?
    InfStones has a rigorous approach to evaluating AVSs for support during the EigenLayer mainnet. We assess certain criteria of the project, such as the team, investors, testnet performance, and potential market demand for the AVS product.

  • Are there any types of AVSs you would not opt into?
    InfStones takes a careful approach to selecting AVSs, opting for those with a strong team, investor backing, and advanced technology behind the AVS.

Beyond our commitment to security and reliability, we offer our stakers more than just a place to delegate their assets. When you choose InfStones as your operator, you’re also joining a community that rewards your trust and participation. From the moment you begin delegating with us, users start accruing points, which can be exchanged for a diverse array of rewards, significantly enhancing the value and satisfaction of your staking experience.

To ensure you have all the information you need and to make your experience as rewarding as possible, we invite you to explore our various channels:

  • Operator Name: The Unslashables
  • Website: http://x.com/invictus369
  • Operator Profile: Institutional Staker.
  • Experience: 5 years of node running, crypto scripting, always delivering.
  • Team: We’re the small team of very experienced devops, that ran HA servers even before the 1st Bitcoin was minted.
  • Mainnet restake amount: 500 ETH
  • Where do you run your infra: Central Europe
  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 2%
  • Performance Metrics: Uptime 99.9%, Performance score 100, node updates within 12hrs delay from public announcement.
  • EigenDA Testnet Performance:
  • Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet. Very enjoyable, competitive.
  • How long were you in the active set? Since the start, except few days in total wen we got pushed out from 200 by TVL
  • What were your performance metrics? 100, uptime 99.9%, downtime during upgrades was just a few seconds
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:
  • Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA? No
  • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to? We’re open to discuss this subject, can run any extra AVS as needed

Deployer address: 0xB85b634DdA73041F84F6E27d23E11634D0B09A44

Twitter (X) announcement : Luganodes has joined EigenLayer holesky testnet as an operator

  • Operator Name: Upnode
  • Website: https://upnode.org
  • Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
  • Experience: We have been operating a Celestia mainnet validator since its genesis, achieved the #11 rank in the Celestia Blockspace Race, and are the recipient of an OP Grant.
  • Team: A premier, institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure provider. With a seasoned team boasting over 30 years of combined experience in web 2 and web 3 deployments, we deliver lightning-fast, secure, and always-on services at zero fees.
  • Mainnet restake amount: 32+ ETH
  • Where do you run your infra: London, Redditch and Europe
  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 0%
  • Performance Metrics: We have operated our Celestia mainnet validator with 100% uptime and $60M+ TVL
  • EigenDA Testnet Performance: We have been running the EigenDA testnet since its beginning, maintaining it for over three months. Throughout this period, we remained in the active set for most of the time, achieving an uptime of over 99%.
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs: We plan to participate in any AVS, including Mangata, as they launch on the testnet. However, before integrating them into the mainnet, we must first review the audit results of the AVS to safeguard our staker funds.

Our Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/upnodeIntern/status/1773292867290550586

Operator Name: Etheranus

Website: https://cryptology.super.site

Operator Profile: DAO Stakers

Experience: Cryptology has carved a niche in the blockchain ecosystem through strategic investments and hands-on technical expertise in node operations across a spectrum of projects. Our technical team has a proven track record of running nodes for high-profile projects such as Ethereum 2.0, showcasing our early commitment to Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake. We’ve also successfully operated validators for Polkadot and Cosmos, contributing to the security and decentralization of these networks. Our involvement extends to newer, innovative projects like Avail, a decentralized data availability layer designed to support scalable blockchain applications, and Obol, which aims to enhance the security of distributed validator technology. Additionally, we’ve participated in the Celestia network, a modular blockchain network focusing on scalability and flexibility. This diverse experience underscores our capability to adapt to and support various blockchain technologies, reflecting our dedication to fostering a robust and decentralized web.

Team: We’re a tight-knit group of Web3 enthusiasts who dove into the blockchain space back in 2017, drawn together by our shared belief in the transformative potential of decentralized technologies. Our team is composed of early Ethereum investor and stakers, financial analyst with a keen eye for crypto market trends, software engineers with a passion for building secure and efficient systems, and crypto influencers dedicated to demystifying blockchain technology and promoting digital literacy. Together, we’re committed to contributing to the public good, offering free educational content to help onboard and update users about the Web3 space.

Mainnet restake amount: prefer keep private

Where do you run your infra: Distributed globally, with a focus on Europe and East Asia

What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%

Performance Metrics: Our collective efforts have culminated in a consistent uptime of 99.4%, demonstrating our commitment to network security and performance. Our proactive approach to infrastructure management and risk mitigation underpins our operational success.

EigenDA Testnet Performance:

  • Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet: The EigenDA testnet has been a valuable arena for applying our diverse skills, from technical operations to governance participation. It has allowed us to contribute meaningfully to the network’s development and stability.

  • How long were you in the active set? We have proudly participated in the active set for over three months, adapting to and overcoming the evolving challenges of the testnet.

  • What were your performance metrics? Our node demonstrated exemplary performance, maintaining near-perfect uptime and actively engaging in the consensus process, underscoring our dedication to the network’s integrity.

Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:

  • Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA? Yes, our engagement extends to several AVS projects that resonate with our commitment to fostering secure and innovative blockchain ecosystems.

  • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to? Our interests are aligned with projects like Drosera and Omni, which we believe hold the potential to significantly contribute to the blockchain landscape.

  • How do you plan to evaluate AVSs? Our comprehensive evaluation framework considers technical innovation, team vision and execution capability, community engagement, and alignment with our principles of decentralization and security.

  • Are there any types of AVSs you would not opt into? We exercise caution with projects that lack clear transparency, governance models, or do not meet our standards for security and decentralization.

  • Operator Name: Prof.IT
  • Website:
  • Operator Profile: Solo-Staker.
  • Experience: running nodes since 2020 and already participated in 20+ networks such as polkadot, cosmos, evm and other. Most of the time I work as a system administrator and manage hundreds of servers in several data centers with a full service cycle including monitoring, backup and recovery.
  • Team: a group of like-minded people with whom we carry out common projects in the field of launching node-validators, DePIN and others.
  • Mainnet restake amount:
  • Where do you run your infra: The whole world, it all depends on the need for a specific project
  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: We charge below market commission rate because we can provide low maintenance costs.
  • Performance Metrics: 99.9%
  • EigenDA Testnet Performance: As far as it depends on us, we provide minimal downtime during the update and, as a rule, 99.9% uptime
    • I successfully launched a node with the goerli EigenDA test network, successfully staked assets on different networks, everything worked great.
    • Unfortunately, I was not able to get to the active set in goerli, but I will definitely try to get to the active set in Holesky.
    • performance metrics 99.9%.
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:
    • Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA?
      Now only EigenDA
    • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to?
      Currently looking at Espresso
    • How do you plan to evaluate AVSs?
      Evaluate based on remuneration and prospects.
    • Are there any types of AVSs you would not opt into?
      Open to any AVS
  • Operator Name: rq10

  • Website: https://twitter.com/deliciousDeemon

  • Operator Profile: Solo-Staker

  • Experience: With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of blockchain operations. With 28 years of managing technology within higher education environments of varying scales, ranging from 700 FTE to 24,000 FTE, we have orchestrated enterprise-wide infrastructure upgrades encompassing networks and telecommunications systems, executed seamless migrations to cloud computing platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and implemented innovative operational frameworks.

  • Team: As a team of professionals(System Administrator and knowledge of the Crypto markets), we are dedicated to the meticulous operation of nodes and the provision of validation services. With a focus on simplicity yet effectiveness, we strive to uphold the highest standards of reliability and performance in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized systems.

  • Mainnet restake amount: There are currently no mainnet restakes.

  • Where do you run your infra: San Francisco, USA

  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: A commission structure that enables sustainable operation of our validators while passing on maximum value to our restakers.

  • Performance Metrics: Our Operator has 99.8% uptime on Goerli EigenDA testnet and run from 2024-02-12 to 3/10/2024, have staked around 10,000 geth successively to keep active, update in time and maintain normal operations during active period, nearly 100% uptime excluding upgrade.


  • EigenDA Testnet Performance:

    The operator has been registered since 2024-02-12 and performed validation tasks upon which AVSs rely.All necessary updates were promptly executed. At this time We are also ready as an operator on the Holesky network. You can check my operator: https://holesky.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0x1df780285f2837a59c172343d2c9227c480ab613

    • Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet.

    During the testnet phase, we actively participated in deploying and managing our node infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and synchronization with the network.

    Our experience encompassed:

    1. Node Deployment: We successfully deployed operator nodes, optimizing configurations for performance and stability.
    2. Network Monitoring: Constant monitoring of network activity, node health, and performance metrics allowed us to proactively address any issues and maintain optimal uptime.

    Overall, our experience running the EigenDA testnet has been a valuable learning journey, equipping us with the expertise and readiness to transition seamlessly to the mainnet environment.

    • How long were you in the active set? trying to be in the active set in the Holesky and mainnet !
    • What were your performance metrics? With 99.8% uptime, During the EigenDA testnet phase, our performance metrics included:
    1. High uptime and Fast transaction processing.
    2. Low network latency.
    3. Emphasis on security.
    4. Stable node environment.

    These metrics were closely monitored and optimized to ensure readiness for the mainnet launch.

  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:

    • Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA? Currently, we are running the Eigen operator and Mangata.
    • Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to? We are looking for more info about Hyperlane (Interoperability protocol built on top of Eigenlayer), Ritual and WitnessChain(Depin).
    • How do you plan to evaluate AVSs? Our evaluation of AVSs will be comprehensive, focusing on factors such as uptime, correctness, security features, scalability, community support, and the overall impact on our operational efficiency. We will also consider feedback from other operators and the broader blockchain community.

Operator Name: LeverFi
Website: https://www.leverfi.io/infrastructure
Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
Operator Address: 0x333542D607C70994268022d592585c39284F732D
Operator Commission Rate: 5%
Infrastructure Location: Asia/Singapore

Experience: We have been running validators and nodes for various blockchains/networks since 2021 by creating institutional grade infrastructure and actively contributing in well-known projects like GRT / TOMO / IOST / TEZOS / XAI / SYNTROPY.

Team: We are an experienced team of developers and builders with over 10 years of experience in major technological companies, financial institutions, web3 venture cap and web3 Projects.

Mainnet Restake Amount: 2500 ETH

Performance Metrics: We have over 99% uptime. We were running in the active set for approximately 2 months.

Plans for Additional AVSs: We are currently only operating EigenDA, but are actively evaluating other AVSs based principally on the track record of the team and the risk/reward profile.

Tweet: https://x.com/LeverFi/status/1773344116039979067?s=20

  • Operator Name: Node Builder
  • Website: https://twitter.com/nodebuilder0
  • Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
  • Experience: We are a newer validator company but have run Bitscrunch and multiple testnets successfully. We are growing in experience and being mindful in choosing which networks to commit to.
  • Team: On the business side we are led by Coleman Maher, who currently serves as a Growth Lead at Babylon Chain and who held senior positions across multiple web3 ecosystems in the past. We have an experienced team of DevOps engineers who come from other validator companies.
  • Mainnet restake amount: 5 ETH
  • Where do you run your infra: France, Switzerland
  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%
  • Performance Metrics: Proven track record of high uptime and performance across various testnets and bitscrunch mainnet. https://app.bitscrunch.com/profile/0xfd0c455c2d483e2f9a82e4977489b3576efcbe4a/overview
  • EigenDA Testnet Performance:
    Running EigenDA testnet has been very fun and smooth. Updates were clearly communicated and we didn’t run into any significant bugs. We were in the active set about 90% of the time and maintained 98% uptime.
  • Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:
    We are still evaluating other AVSs and are eager to participate in the EigenLayer ecosystem. Check us out on Twitter for updates!

Twitter Post:

• Operator Name: Evan Luthra
• Website: https://evanluthra.com
• Operator Profile: Institutional Staker
• Experience: Early strategic investor in Partisia and Nillion and launching their validators soon!

I have 2.5M followers on social media and have invested in 500+ crypto projects.

My focus has expanded to tech and infrastructure side of projects and now I am even more “in it for the tech!” Would like to use my influence in web3 space to get delegations to my node!

• Team: Team of web3 engineers.

• Mainnet restake amount: 1200eth

• Where do you run your infra: New Delhi, Zanzibar and Mexico

• What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: in discussion with my community!

• Performance Metrics: we predict 99.9% uptime in mainnet.
• EigenDA Testnet Performance:
◦ In active set since January and consistently have spectacular uptime.
• Plans to opt-into additional AVSs:
◦ We are currently exploring Aligned Layer.
◦ How do you plan to evaluate AVSs?
We will present AVSs to our community and they decide through a poll.
◦ Are there any types of AVSs you would not opt into?
AVS that put the stake at high risk are a no go for us.

Operator Name: Jetking
Website: www.jetking.com
Operator Profile: Institutional Staker

Experience: We are the largest publically listed IT services and training company in India…our aim is also to become the largest web3 infrastructure company in India…currently running testnet for berachain, eigen layer!

Team: Dedicated team of highly trained engineers with infrastructure hosting experience in cloud computing companies.

Mainnet restake amount: 1000 eth

Where do you run your infra: Mumbai

operator commission rate: 10 %

Performance Metrics: 99.9% SLA

EigenDA Testnet Performance: checking

Describe your experience running the EigenDA testnet: it was smooth we did get out of the active set from time to time but managed to get back in by getting more goerli eth which was a challenge.

How long were you in the active set? We were in active set for most of the goerli testnet duration.

What were your performance metrics?: 99.9% SLA

Plans to opt-into additional AVSs: Mangata

Are you running any AVS testnets other than EigenDA? Not yet

Are there any AVSs you plan to opt-in to? Mangata

Operator Name: WolfStake
Website: wolfstake.xyz
Operator Profile: Solo-Staker but have plants to change to Institutional Staker.
Experience & Team: Since 2009, I’ve actively immersed myself in the IT, programming, startup, and blockchain realms. My journey has been rich with diverse experiences, from entrepreneurship and startup involvement to collaborating with large corporations. Over the years, I’ve worn various hats—CTO, Developer, DevOps, and Scrum Master—working across a spectrum of languages and frameworks: Solidity, Hardhat, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and more. My passion lies in decentralization and blockchain technology. I firmly believe that programming transcends specific languages or expertise; adaptability is my forte.
Team: I work alone
Mainnet restake amount: None, Only restaked with lst
Where do you run your infra: Europe, completely green infrastructure like Belgium, Germany
What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: %3
Performance Metrics: My restaker server are up from day 1 and we have a uptime near %99.99