Rocket Pool x Eigenlayer

Hello restakers,

I am Jasper from the Rocket Pool community. You may have read some of my writings in the past, notably The Layer Zero Bull Case for Rocket Pool that is largely dependent on Eigenlayer interoperability.

The rough idea is simple - Rocket Pool represents the majority of solo stakers on the network by some estimates. Since most node operators are already representing Rocket Pool, having the network be ale to opt into Eigenlayer will supply Eigenlayer with an incredible level of decentralization. For reference, there are >3,000 node operators registered already with Rocket Pool that could be quickly converted to Rocket Pool-Eigenlayer operators.

In pursuit of this and with discussion from the Rocket Pool and Eigenlayer teams, I have worked to propose this bounty to the Rocket Pool grants and bounty committee. This committee will evaluate if the proposal is worthwhile to fund. Having an enthusiastic response from the Eigenlayer community would certainly increase the chances that this project is approved.

You can read the application here:

I am happy to answer any questions.



Thank you @jasperthegovghost for cross posting this here.

I strongly support this proposal, particularly the immense synergy between EigenDA and Rocketpool. I’m excited for the integration and to learn about the benchmark results from the grant.


Thank you for the support!

I think EigenDA would be a perfect fit for Rocket Pool node operators as well. There could be thousands of node operators suddenly available to join Eigenlayer.

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Hello, I think Rocket Pool as a permissionless liquid staking protocol with a huge operator pool integrating with Eigenlayer is absolutely beneficial to both protocol. Can you outline how you plan to make that work?
From my understanding, a Rocketpool operator have to put 16ETH at stake that will be slashed when the operator misbehave. To restake in Eigenlayer you need to put some ETH at stake too. Since Rocketpool operator already put 16ETH at stake in the Rocketpool protocol, now they have no ETH to be put at stake in the Eigenlayer protocol, how to fix that?

Hello! With rocket pool having senior debt that means the 16 ETH backing rETH would always be used for rocket pool; however, that still leaves 16 ETH that the node operator must still provide.

The economic bond is less but it still exists.


I have seen the thesis on how this would affect RPL but how would it affect rETH return rate if at all? It feels like at one point in time I was making maybe almost 3x the return I am now. The current 2.88% is far less than many risk free rates? I am getting very close to the point of wanting to use my capital elsewhere as my return continues to shrink?

Love this proposal and look forward to seeing it implemented!


Love this collaboration between two projects that are close to my heart; as pointed out by all, there are a lot of synergies to tap into across the board (across node operators, (re)stakers and token holders)!

Just a small suggestion as it relates to the proposal on the Rocketpool forum: there might also be a need to have a stage prior to the build stage (akin to reviewing RFC proposals), the purpose of which is for different teams to propose different technical specs for this integration and having these evaluated by core team members at Eigenlayer and Rocketpool, prior to embarking on proposed smart contract changes (for instance, having some notion of parametrization apply to ETH and RPL that could be slashable based on node operator performance could lead to some rather interesting designs). I totally see the additional complexity in structuring this as a grant however; maybe one idea to get enshrined is the notion of creating a clear interface between contracts and keeper network changes and having a multisig comprising core RPL and Eigenlayer engineers control and curate this.

All that being said - very excited to see this grow into something incredible!! :star_struck:

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Thank you for this :ok_hand: