EigenLayer News: EigenLayer and EigenDA Mainnet Launch, April 9th

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  • EigenLayer and EigenDA Mainnet Launch
  • TVL watch: $13.2b
  • Eoracle, the first Ethereum native oracle AVS
  • Fhenix partners with EigenLayer
  • Staketab joins as a node operator
  • AVS Spotlight: EigenDA - now live on mainnet!
  • Liquid Restaking Protocol Spotlight: Ether.fi
  • EigenLayer in Dubai Blockchain Week
  • EigenLayer at Altlayer’s Restaked Rollup Day

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About us, @ocandocrypto and @eugenia, we’re core contributors to web3citizen.xyz. We’re passionate about EigenLayer as a coordination layer and its potential to boost innovation across Web3.

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:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

EigenLayer and EigenDA Mainnet Launch

EigenLayer announced Mainnet launch!

As of today:

  • Restakers can delegate their entire stake to an Operator of their choice.
  • Operators can register with EigenLayer and opt-in to running AVSs.
  • AVSs can register with the protocol, starting with EigenDA.

Until now, users could deposit LSTs, or set validator withdrawal credentials to an EigenPod. Now that operators and EigenDA are live, you can delegate to one of the top 200 operators.

Learn more and read about what this means for operators, restakers, AVSs and rollups

TVL watch: $13.2b

EigenLayer reaches total value locked (TVL) of over $13.2b as per DeFi Llama, reaching an all-time high of $13.6B in recent days

Eoracle becomes the first Ethereum-native oracle AVS

Eoracle is the first Ethereum-native oracle designed as a modular and programmable data layer secured by Ethereum and built with EigenLayer.

Leveraging Ethereum’s security through EigenLayer, Eoracle will provide secure connections to off-chain data and computation for decentralized applications, supporting permissionless innovation on-chain.

Read the announcement

Fhenix partners with EigenLayer to develop FHE coprocessors

Last week Fhenix announced its FHE coprocessors will be developed in partnership with EigenLayer.

A FHE coprocessor is able to conduct computing tasks in a more efficient way than a central coprocessing unit by allowing fully homomorphic encryption, computing over encrypted data without having to decrypt its information.

Computations will be secured by Fhenix’s optimistic rollup, leveraging EigenLayer’s cryptoeconomic security which facilitates faster verification by operators.

Read more | Learn about FHE use cases

Staketab joins as a node operator

Staketab, the professional staking provider, announced its role as a node operator for EigenLayer and EigenDA. Operators within the EigenLayer ecosystem perform validation tasks for different Actively Validated Services (AVS).

Staketab is already in touch with different protocols and AVS such as Near, Omni, Gasp, Witness Chain, Eoracle, and Drosera.

Meet EigenLayer’s operators | Read the announcement

:infinity: Ecosystem Spotlight

Each week we’ll shine a spotlight on different AVSs and Liquid Restaking Protocols.

AVS Spotlight: EigenDA - now live on mainnet!

EigenDA stands as a secure, high-throughput, and decentralized data availability service built on top of Ethereum, utilizing the EigenLayer restaking primitive.

EigenDA is the first actively validated service (AVS) on EigenLayer providing low-cost, data availability to rollups.

Read more | EigenDA Explained

Liquid Restaking Protocol Spotlight: Ether.fi

Ether.fi is a protocol in the Ethereum network that streamlines liquid restaking of ETH. Users can stake their ETH, convert it into EtherFi’s liquid staking token, eETH, and engage in restaking through EigenLayer, receiving a liquid receipt token in return.

This system preserves their asset liquidity while staked, enabling them to utilize these receipt tokens in diverse DeFi applications. Moreover, Ether.fi allow the participation in the validation of AVSs, expanding their involvement in the network’s security and functionality.

Read more | Ether.fi

:newspaper: Community News:

EigenLayer in Dubai Blockchain Week

The EigenLayer team will be in Dubai Blockchain Week (April 16 - April 21) :united_arab_emirates:

It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with the team and dive deeper into the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Here’s what’s on the agenda.

EigenLayer at Altlayer’s Restaked Rollup Day

Yesterday, EigenLayer took part in Restaked Rollup Day in Hong Kong :hong_kong:

1,000+ attendees listened to Sreeram Kannan’s keynote on ETH restaking, how it works, and its potential to transform Web3. He also took part in a fireside chat with YQ, Altlayer’s Founder & CEO. The event’s agenda also included a panel focused on LRT & AVSs with the participation of core members of Renzo, Puffer Finance, StakeStone, IOS Ventures, and OpenLayer.

:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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