Announcing Eigen Hub [Community website/avs review]

(The last post accidentally removed so I am reposting)

I hope you all enjoy, it is bare bones for now but I plan on publishing 2 articles a week if life and work permit! It will be aimed at helping re-stakers asses AVSs with eventual metrics like current APY for restaking with X protocol. Also, I want to do node operation once that is live so be on the lookout for the Eigen Hub node!

Announcing Eigen Hub!

I’m excited to share a resource I have been hard at work on that caters to all things Eigen Layer – Eigen Hub! :star2:

Eigen Hub hopes to bring value to this community through comprehensive insights on AVSs using Eigen Layer with subsequent reviews and statistics, How To articles, updates on the vibrant Eigen Layer ecosystem, and eventually to be your favorite node operator for when AVSs go live in 2024!

It is still early days here at Eigen Hub but we want to build a place where Eager Eigens can come for comprehensive insights into Eigen Layer’s vibrant ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto expert or a curious newcomer, Eigen Hub will offer a wealth of knowledge, tutorials, innovative ways to better the community, and maybe help you get a bit more yield from re-staking! :books:

We currently have two AVS reviews on the Casimir Protocol and Espresso. The first of many!

First, let’s dive into an exciting new protocol that will be reshaping re-staking and node operation on Eigen Layer – Casimir! :rocket:

Casimir is an innovative smart contract solution that decentralizes re-stakers and validator sets, making re-staking and node operation more accessible and secure for everyone. I’ve written a detailed essay on Eigen Hub, highlighting its advantages and the potential it unlocks for native ETH holders, the auto-compounding of Eth it will provide and the advantages for node operators too alike. :briefcase:

Discover how Casimir enables native ETH staking and automated rewards compounding. Don’t miss the chance to explore the future of Casimir and its impact on Eigen Layer’s dynamic ecosystem. Check out the full article here​:arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: Blog 2 — EigenHub

After Casimir, maybe you want to explore another fascinating aspect of the Ethereum universe that is getting shaken up: middleware! Enter Espresso’s Sequencer. Sequencers are an essential part of how Layer 2 works, but did you know they are usually the most centralized component of any L2! :scream: Optimism and Arbitrum sequencers are currently 100% single centralized entity. You heard me ONE single centralized entity! However, through Eigen, sequencers will now be empowered to become secure and decentralized without any sacrifice to throughput or bandwidth. Check it all out here​:arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: Blog 2 — EigenHub

At Eigen Hub, we believe that knowledge empowers, and we’re thrilled to foster discussions and engage with like-minded individuals like you. Share your thoughts, questions, or experiences below, and let’s unlock the full potential of Eigen Layer together!

Visit Eigen Hub now :arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: and be part of the growing Eigen community.