EigenLayer News: Uncapped LSTs and restaking deposits unpaused, April 16th


  • LST caps removed and restaking deposits unpaused
  • AVSs live on Mainnet
  • TVL watch: $12.5b
  • Aligned Layer raises $2.6M
  • Espresso partners with 100 nodes for Cappuccino testnet
  • EigenDA stats a week since Mainnet launch
  • AVS Spotlight: Witness Chain
  • LRP Spotlight: Renzo
  • First EigenLayer Hackathon by Encode Club
  • FHE x EigenLayer spaces

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

LST caps removed & restaking deposits unpaused

Today EigenLayer removed all LST caps and unpaused deposits. Restakers can now explore uncapped LSTs or natively restake with EigenPods on the Restaking App. EigenLayer supports Lido, Rocket Pool, Swell, Stader, Coinbase, Stakewise, Binance, Ankr, Origin, Mantle, Frax, and Liquid Collective’s LSTs. Read more in the Restaking Guide.

Read announcement | Learn how to delegate and how to restake with EigenLayer

AVSs live on Mainnet

Last week 6 AVSs became the first group of AVSs to join EigenDA on Mainnet.

  • Altlayer MACH restaked rollup, a fast finality AVS for OP rollups
  • Eoracle, the Ethereum native oracle joins as an Actively Validated Oracle network
  • Witness Chain, the DePIN Coordination Layer launches its Rollup Watchtower network
  • Brevis, the Zk + cryptoeconomic coprocessor AVS
  • Lagrange State Committees joins as a ZK AVS
  • Xterio MACH, a fast finality AVS that serves the Xterio rollup

What does this mean for stakers? Stakers can now secure them.

What does this mean for operators? Operators can now run and validate their actions. Each AVS is working closely with an initial operator set, but will progressively extend their amount of operators. Want to become an operator for them? Fill out their Intake Forms.

Read EigenLayer’s announcement

TVL watch: $12.5b

EigenLayer total value locked (TVL) decreased down to $11.5b during the weekend and oscillated back to $12.5b after last week’s $13.2b as per DeFi Llama.

Aligned Layer raises $2.6M

Aligned Layer, the ZK proof verification layer, raised $2.6M in a Seed round led by Lemniscap. The raised amount included the participation of Angels such as EigenLayer’s Sreeram Kannan, Bankless Ventures and Paper Ventures, and the strategic investments of Starkware and O(1)Labs.

As an AVS, Aligned Layer enables affordable and fast ZK proof verification for all proof systems, facilitating the development of apps. Aligned Layer’s Mainnet launch is expected in Q2 2024.

Read the announcement | Coinmarketcap article

Espresso partners with 100 nodes for Cappuccino testnet

Espresso will be decentralizing the set of nodes running its fast finality layer in its upcoming testnet. This finality layer of Espresso is powered by HotShot. Espresso announced last week its partnership with 100 nodes which will run HotShot consensus, providing users with more secure BFT preconfirmations and improving Espresso’s performance and security.

Look out for the Cappuccino testnet, expected late April 2024.

Read the announcement | Announcement on Mirror

EigenDA AVS stats a week since Mainnet launch

A week since launching on Mainnet, EigenDA has 51 operators who opted into validating, 18,993 stakers with:

  • 425,500+ ETH of delegated stake
  • 170,400+ ETH in Liquid Staking Tokens

Check out more EigenDA stats here

:infinity: Ecosystem Spotlights

Each week we’ll shine a spotlight on different AVSs and Liquid Restaking Protocols.

AVS Spotlight: Witness Chain

Witness Chain is building the coordination layer to unify De-centralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) economies.

By becoming an AVS, EigenLayer infrastructure can now be utilized to achieve consensus on physical state. Unverified physical attributes of DePIN networks can now become measured, verifiable digital proofs. These proofs can later be attested or challenged, and consumed by apps or chains to build products and services.

Witness Chain Diligence Watchtowers are live on mainnet. Watchtowers are the first line of defense for rollups, ensuring that operators actively validate transactions on a Rollup and detect any fraudulent execution.

Learn about Diligence Watchtowers | How to participate | Witness Chain Announcement

Liquid Restaking Protocol Spotlight: Renzo

Renzo is a protocol in the Ethereum network that streamlines liquid restaking of ETH. The protocol aims to abstract all complexity from the end-user and enables easy collaboration between them and EigenLayer node operators. Renzo runs a distributed Ethereum validator infrastructure powered by Figment, P2P, and Luganodes to enable unrestricted participation on Eigenlayer.

Users can deposit native ETH or LSTs to stake, convert it into Renzo’s liquid staking token, ezETH, and engage in restaking through EigenLayer.

What is Renzo? | Renzo FAQs Docs | How to Restake with Renzo

:newspaper: Community News:

First EigenLayer Hackathon by Encode Club

Build around EigenLayer primitives in the EigenLayer Hackathon by Encode Club, the global developer education community.

The hackathon takes place online over 4 weeks starting on May 13th with guest speakers, bounties and workshops about the restaking ecosystem. Prizes for the hackathon are funded by the rewards of Encode’s operator rewards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to build in the EigenLayer ecosystem!

Learn more and sign up to participate

FHE x EigenLayer spaces

Learn more about the Fhenix and EigenLayer partnership and FHE coprocessors in Fhenix’s Twitter Space. CEOs GuyZ and GuyI will participate along with Sreeram Kannan this Thursday April 18.

Set reminder

:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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