EigenLayer News: Lagrange launches new AVS & Introducing AVS DeepDives | June 4th


  • TVL watch: $19.55b
  • Lagrange launches decentralized ZK Prover Network
  • K3 AVS on testnet
  • Everclear :handshake: Hyperlane
  • AVS Spotlight: Lagrange’s ZK Prover Network
  • Introducing AVS DeepDives
  • Infinite Layers: Conduit
  • Sreeram in Blockworks’ Bell Curve Podcast

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

TVL watch: $19.55b

EigenLayer maintains a total value locked (TVL) of $19.55b according to DefiLlama.

Lagrange launches ZK Prover Network AVS

The First Production-Ready ZK Prover Network is now live in Mainnet on EigenLayer!

It will provide reliable proving of different types of complex computations that developers and protocols can take advantage of. Partners include Coinbase, P2P, Staked, OKX, DSRV, among 20 others.

See more about the ZK Prover AVS on the section “AVS Spotlight”.
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K3 AVS on testnet

K3 Labs launches K3 AVS on testnet. With K3, users can design and deploy applications written in web2 languages and take advantage of pre-built integrations with web3 middleware services such as Dune, Space and Time, and Uniblock. K3 currently supports Rust.
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Everclear :handshake: Hyperlane

Everclear is live on testnet as of yesterday. Previously known as Connext, Everclear coordinates the global settlement of liquidity between chains and cuts the cost & complexity of rebalancing by up to 10x. The system is built as an Arbitrum Orbit rollup, and as part of their quest to solve fragmentation, integrates Hyperlane with an EigenLayer ISM to connect their clearing layer to other chains.

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AVS Spotlight: Lagrange’s ZK Prover Network

Lagrange Labs launched its second AVS, after Lagrange State Committees (LSC) being one of the first AVS on EigenLayer. While LSC’s decentralized network of nodes attest to the finality of blocks within an optimistic rollup. Lagrange’s Prover Network provides reliable proving of different types of computation, while creating a granular marketplace where complex queries are met with predictable proof categorization and generation.

The network consists of two primary actors: Gateways and Provers. Each Gateway is connected to Provers in the network, and is responsible for managing a queue of work that different Provers commit to perform. The first Gateway, deployed by Lagrange Labs, powers Lagrange’s ZK Coprocessor.

Operators run Provers committing to generating proofs within a given time period by submitting collateral and agreeing to penalties if they don’t comply with their tasks. Their assigned tasks are based on the amount of work they’re able to process, as defined by their stake.

Currently, Lagrange ZK Prover AVS is secured by 37 operators and 36,000+ stakers, with over 1,447,000 ETH restaked.

Learn more Lagrange Docs

:newspaper: Community News:

Introducing AVS DeepDives

EigenLayer launched a new technical series!

AVS DeepDives analyzes different active AVS, their use cases, and how they work. The first episode features Lagrange and Polymer.

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Infinite Layers: Conduit

The sixth episode of Infinite Layers focuses on Conduit, a solution to deploy customizable rollups. This episode features Andrew Huang, founder of Conduit, and explores the capabilities of the protocol’s all-in-one infrastructure to advance different projects.

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Sreeram in Blockworks’ Bell Curve Podcast

The Bell Curve Podcast has Sreeram on to discuss the current state and future potential of restaking. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the growing AVS ecosystem, Sreeram’s vision on how EigenLayer fits into the broader Ethereum scaling roadmap.

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:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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Great summary, thanks for making this recaps!

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We appreciate this latest update, especially the information about Lagrange. We’re considering on-boarding this chain onto our active AVSs and will conduct a proper due diligence first. If anyone from the Lagrange team is reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to schedule a meeting and discuss your project’s vision as part of the review process.


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Thx for the comprehensive summary of the new AVS launches and the introduction of AVS Deepdives. Your analyses are valuable for staying up-to-date with the latest developments of EigenLayer.