EigenLayer News: Automata 🤝 RISC Zero and Further Decentralizing Farcaster | Jun 11th


  • TVL watch: $18.4b
  • Automata partners with RISC Zero
  • Cyber MACH :eyes:
  • OpenLayer partners with Versatus
  • Ferrule: on further decentralizing Farcaster
  • AVS Spotlight: Omni
  • AVS Deep Dives: Witness Chain
  • Shared Security Symposium and Hackathon at ETHCC
  • EigenLayer Hackathon’s Workshops
  • Infinite Layers: Fluent

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

TVL watch: $18.4b

EigenLayer maintains a total value locked (TVL) of $18.4b according to DefiLlama.

Automata partners with RISC Zero

Automata Network, the modular attestation layer behind the Multi-Prover AVS, partners with RISC Zero to integrate their zkVM. RISC Zero’s zkVM is capable of proving any code in RISC-V compatible languages. Verifying SGX DCAP on-chain with RISC Zero zkEVM reduces Automata’s attestation verification costs by 8x, significantly reducing gas costs from 3 million to around 350K.

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Cyber MACH AVS (soon?)

Eigenbeat is showing a new AVS, Cyber MACH!

Cyber, previously known as CyberConnect, is an L2 designed for the social space built in partnership with AltLayer, using the OP-Stack. Cyber L2 launched on mainnet last month and joined Optimism’s Superchain.

AltLayer’s MACH restaked rollups provide fast finality with shared security guarantee and faster interoperability. Learn more about them here.

OpenLayer partners with Versatus

OpenLayer, the team behind Open Oracle AVS, partners with Versatus to ensure their modular data layer is supported by Versatus’ censorship-resistant infrastructure.

“We are excited to work together to create a more inclusive, reliable, and truly decentralized data ecosystem and AVS community.”
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Ferrule: on further decentralizing Farcaster with AVS

Anagram released an article proposing a novel framework to further decentralize Farcaster through Ferrule, a protocol proposing a novel design of Farcaster hubs operating as an AVS.

Ferrule would enable anyone to build their own client for Farcaster, make centralization less viable by rewarding correct hub behavior, while ensuring Hubs operate verifiably and securely. A core part of Ferrule is leveraging Ferrule MPC, a library to run client or connected apps that uses Multi-Party Computation to jointly compute functions and ensure data confidentiality.

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AVS Spotlight: Omni

Omni is an Ethereum-native interoperability protocol that establishes low latency communications between all Ethereum rollups. It does so by offering a secure and compatible architecture across all Ethereum rollups that facilitates operability and experience to users and developers. Omni provides:

  • Cross-chain communication, allowing for data and asset transfer between chains
  • A unified development platform for apps, available across multiple chains.
  • Security, transparency and trust by integrating with EigenLayer’s restaking.

Omni is intentionally designed to be easily integrated with any rollup architecture and local rollup application, while also providing a programmable state layer to manage application deployments across rollups.

Read more in Omni’s Docs

:newspaper: Community News:

AVS Deep Dives: Witness Chain

The second episode of AVS Deep Dives features the Head of Research at Witness Chain, the gateway to a unified DePIN economy. AVS Deep Dives is the latest EigenLayer series, bringing technical analysis of different active AVS, their use cases and how they work.

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Shared Security Symposium and Hackathon at ETHCC :belgium:

Going to ETHCC? The Shared Security Alliance, of which the Eigen Foundation is a founding member, will host its inaugural symposium and Hackathon at ETHCC. The Shared Security Hackathon is a 72-hour in-person event during ETHCC, July 6th-8th. Learn more about the Symposium and sign up to hack here.

EigenLayer Hackathon’s Workshops

The workshops from the last week of the EigenLayer Hackathon, hosted by Encode Club, are now available online.

  • Diego Kingston from Aligned Layer discusses “Accelerating the Adoption of ZK Technology.”
  • Nicolas Gailly from Lagrange Labs presents “Giving a Verifiable Database to Every Smart Contract,” where he talks about Lagrange’s ZK Coprocessor.
  • Andy Golay from Movement delivers “Movement Labs 101: EigenLayer Integration.”

Access the Hackathon’s Workshops

Infinite Layers: Fluent

The eighth episode of Infinite Layers focuses on Fluent, the first blended execution network designed to deploy customizable rollups. This episode features Dino and Dmitry Savonin, Co-Founders of Fluent.

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:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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