EigenLayer News: Introducing AVS MicroHacks, Shared Security Alliance, EigenDA Announcement | May 28th

  • TVL watch: $19.09b
  • Eigen Foundation, founding member of the Shared Security Alliance
  • EigenDA Dual Quorum and Production Traffic Announcement
  • Espresso announces Cappuccino testnet
  • Lagrange State Committees :handshake: Arbitrum
  • AVS Spotlight: Lagrange State Committees
  • Introducing AVS MicroHacks
  • Infinite Layers: Brevis
  • Proactive Web3 Security & Risk Analytics with Hexagate
  • Sreeram Discusses EigenLayer’s Future with 0xResearch

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

TVL watch: $19.09b

As ETH prices rise, EigenLayer has a total value locked (TVL) of $19.09b according to DefiLlama.

Eigen Foundation, founding member of the Shared Security Alliance

The Eigen Foundation is a founding member of the Shared Security Alliance – an organization that unites builders, researchers, and capital to further the development of the shared security paradigm.

The Alliance will host its inaugural symposium and Hackathon at ETHCC. More info.

EigenDA Dual Quorum and Production Traffic Announcement

EigenDA announced that the dual quorum model, staking through $ETH and AVS tokens, is now available for EigenDA on mainnet. Initially, it was launched with ETH as the first quorum and EIGEN as the second. EIGEN holders will be able to stake to EigenDA operators, and those operators can opt in to EigenDA’s dual quorum, adding more security to the network.

Additionally, EigenDA is now supporting production traffic for any rollup! This introduces the first alt-DA solution running in production secured by restaked ETH.

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Espresso announces Cappuccino testnet

Espresso Testnet 5, Cappuccino, is focused on HotShot – a fast finality layer that rollups can share for much quicker confirmations than the Ethereum L1 provides. HotShot enables fast bridging and more seamless interoperability between rollups.

HotShot runs on 100 nodes distributed geographically across 6 continents, which further decentralizes the system and supports more secure rollup preconfirmations.

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Lagrange State Committees :handshake: Arbitrum

After Lagrange’s recent integration of its State Committees and ZK Coprocessor with Base, the State Committees—Lagrange’s ZK light client protocol powered by our ZK Coprocessor—have also integrated with Arbitrum.

This enables trustless and efficient cross-chain state access for Arbitrum developers. Looking ahead, Lagrange plans to also integrate its ZK Coprocessor with Arbitrum, allowing developers to perform cheaper queries from Arbitrum directly within their smart contracts.

AVS Spotlight: Lagrange State Committees

Lagrange’s mission is to enable large-scale verifiable computation over blockchain data using its hyper-parallel ZK Coprocessor.

Lagrange State Committees (LSC) is an app built on this coprocessor. It acts as an efficient ZK light client for optimistic rollups that settle on Ethereum. LSC comprises a decentralized network of nodes that attest to the finality of blocks within an optimistic rollup. These attestations generate state proofs or aggregated ZK proofs, providing applications with a reliable source of truth for the state of the rollup.

Currently, Lagrange State Committees AVS is secured by 50 operators and 69,700+ stakers, with over 2,087,000 ETH restaked.

LSC Overview | Read more

:newspaper: Community News:

Introducing AVS MicroHacks

AVS MicroHacks invites developers to participate in an online 21-day mini-hackathon, featuring a prize pool of over $50,000. AVS MicroHacks offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into EigenLayer’s AVS technology and showcase your skills.

The first season of MicroHacks focuses on making AVS development easier and more approachable for developers from all backgrounds

:spiral_calendar: Dates: May 27 - June 17, 2024

Learn more | Sign up here

Infinite Layers: Brevis

The fifth episode of Infinite Layers focuses on Brevis. This episode featuring Mo Dong and Junda Liu from the Brevis team, explores the capabilities and implications of Brevis’s ZK coprocessor and its potential to enhance blockchain efficiency and security.

:link: Watch the Episode

Proactive Web3 Security & Risk Analytics with Hexagate

The EigenLayer team interviewed members of the Hexagate team on X, where they shared insights on how to detect and prevent exploits and hacks. This session provided valuable knowledge on proactive Web3 security and risk analytics.

:link: Watch the interview

Sreeram Discusses EigenLayer’s Future with 0xResearch

In 0xResearch’s latest podcast, Sreeram delves into topics surrounding the EigenLayer ecosystem.

:link: Watch the interview

:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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