EigenLayer AVSs: A Comprehensive Overview

In the latest AVS MicroHacks my team (Kairos Research) submitted a deep dive research about EigenLayer’s AVS live on Mainnet. We released this dive dive both English and Spanish to allow more people to learn about current AVS live on Mainnet and help to expand the ecosystem.

In this post I’m highlighting some of the insights on this reports:

  • AVSs (Actively Validated Services) are decentralized services leveraging restaked ETH for high security, including middleware, chains, and networks requiring robust validation.

  • Building an AVS involves learning EigenLayer fundamentals, developing and testing smart contracts, ensuring ease for operators, and following security practices before deploying to the mainnet.

  • EigenLayer offers benefits such as enhanced security, resource efficiency, and fostering innovation by leveraging Ethereum’s security infrastructure for new decentralized services.

  • Risks of EigenLayer include potential operator collusion, concentration risk, liquidity risk, and regulatory challenges, all requiring careful monitoring and mitigation strategies.

We created a one pager for each of the AVS live on Mainnet to help people to take a quick overview in each of them:

AVS | AltLayer Mach

AVS | Automata Multi - Prover

AVS | Brevis Co Chain

AVS | DODO Chain Mach

AVS | EigenDA

AVS | eOracle

AVS | Lagrange State Committees

AVS | Lagrange ZK Prover Network

AVS | Omni Network

AVS | OpenLayer

AVS | Witness Chain

AVS | Xterio Mach

As EigenLayer continues to scale and secure Ethereum, new use cases for restaking will emerge, attracting more teams to become operators. Here are some upcoming AVSs:

Hope this post help people to learn more about EigenLayer and AVS. See you!