Operators Mainnet Campaign

  • Operator Name: Blacknodes

  • Operator Profile: Enterprise-Grade Validator

  • Experience:
    Blacknodes is a leading Enterprise-Grade Validator and staking platform based out of India, provides reliable nodes, services and infrastructure to the network we support.
    We 5+ years of experience supporting 60+ Mainnet and Testnet and more than $110M staked with 99.99% uptime on our nodes makes us a reliable partner for your Mainnet Staking.

  • Team: We are a skilled team of six people with 3 senior devs and 2 marketing and business development and 1 community mod.

  • Mainnet restake amount: 10+ ETH

  • Where do you run your infra: Mumbai, India

  • What rate do you plan to set your operator commission rate: 5%

  • Performance Metrics: During the Goerli Eigen Layer Testnet, we had a 100% uptime and with a update time of less than 15 min.

  • How long were you in the active set? From Nov-31-2023

  • Mainnet Operator Address: 0x5f8499ed8Ea44D8c97735Fd18fbe950895AA8Ad8