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Why Validator Info? isn’t just another portal; it’s THE definitive hub for in-depth analytics across top-tier blockchains.

In the blockchain cosmos, validators are the heroes ensuring security, consensus, and the very soul of the network. is your bridge to this universe, offering both real-time snapshots and historical vistas of these vital network guardians.

Stellar Features

Instant Insights: Experience the thrill of real-time updates on operator performance and metrics. Stay ahead, always.

Deep Dive Profiles: Navigate operator histories, performance, and more. Power your restake decisions with knowledge.

AVS Analytics: Get comprehensive insights into Actively Validated Services (AVSs), exploring their operators, history, and asset data.

Understand Asset Distribution: Gain a clear view of how ETH and LSTs are distributed within the network.

Time Travel with Data: Our reservoir of historical metrics lets you spot trends, delve deep, and understand operator evolution.

Tailored Searches: With intuitive sorting and filtering, find your perfect operator match in a breeze.

Operators Spotlight: stay up to date with our comprehensive monthly reports on EigenLayer operators and AVSs.

Your First Steps on

Embarking on your journey is a breeze:

  1. Set Sail: Head to and anchor on EigenLayer.

  2. Dashboard Delights: Encounter widgets that lay bare key indicators.

  3. Operator Voyage: Surf through operators, their tales, and stats. Sort and select based on their TVL, number of restakers, AVS participation, and beyond.

  4. Explore AVSs: Uncover detailed insights into AVSs and their roles.

  5. Profile: Anchor on an operator to delve into their story. Gauge their trustworthiness and reliability with ease.

In essence, Validator Info is your compass, map, and ship in the vast ocean of blockchain validators. Whether you’re a captain (operator), a merchant (investor), a chronicler (researcher), or a curious traveler, Validator Info equips you for the voyage.

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