EigenLayer News: REZ Token Launch and EigenLayer is avSafe{Pass} program partner | April 23rd


  • TVL watch: $15.5B ATH
  • REZ Token Launch
  • EigenLayer is a Safe{Pass} program partner
  • Omni Armageddon is live
  • Othentic raises $4M seed funding
  • Witness Chain partners with GM Network
  • Automata’s Multi-Prover AVS live on testnet
  • Gasp testnet launch
  • Renzo: first node with Luganodes and Eoracle points program
  • Brevis partners with Aligned Layer
  • P2P tops operator rankings
  • AVS Spotlight: Brevis
  • LRP Spotlight:
  • Hack AVS: EigenLayer’s first global hackathon
  • Swell AMA: Exploring AVS Developments
  • Webinar: What’s next for EigenLayer Post-Launch?

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

TVL watch

A week after removing LST caps and unpausing staking deposits, today EigenLayer reaches an all-time high total value locked (TVL) of $15.5B at the time of posting according to DefiLlama.

REZ Token Launch

Renzo Protocol will begin its decentralization process on April 30th with the launch of the REZ, its native token. This is what you need to know:

  • User who sell their ezETH holdings before April 26th (end of Season 1) may not be eligible for the airdrop.
  • REZ can be claimed from May 2nd 2024 , with the largest wallets subject to a 50% unlock at TGE and 50% linear, vesting over 6 months.
  • Renzo ezPoints will be used to airdrop 500M REZ to Season 1 participants (5% of the total supply of REZ), in a linear fashion according to each user’s accumulated ezPoints.
  • Unclaimed tokens or unvested tokens by users exiting early will be reallocated to loyal users.

Learn about claiming REZ on mirror.xyz/renzoprotocol.eth | X announcement

EigenLayer is a Safe{Pass} program partner

Safe is embarking on a journey towards widespread adoption of smart accounts. Safe is launching Safe {Pass}, a program that rewards new and existing users for their active participation within the Safe Ecosystem. This initiative includes various rewards from Safe and program partners that are also pushing towards smart account adoption — including EigenLayer, ENS, Euler, Rainbow, and Wormhole.

The more ways you interact with your Safe smart account on Ethereum Mainnet, the more rewards you can earn. Throughout the first season, extending until September 30, transaction account, transaction volume, weekly usage of your account and value of assets stored will be tallied. Additionally, more campaigns run with Safe{Partners} will be announced.

Safe Pass FAQ | Learn more about the Future of Safe | X thread

Omni Armageddon is live

On April 22nd, Omni Network launched Armageddon, the phase 1 of mainnet launch. Users can now delegate on EigenLayer to help secure the network. This marks the first milestone and the beginning of Omni’s mainnet rollout.

After 24hs Omni mainnet already has 21,000+ stakers and 45+ operators.

Learn more about Omni Armageddon

Othentic raises $4M seed funding

Othentic announced its $4M in seed funding led by Finality Capital Partners and Breyer Capital. Othentic is building an orchestration layer to power distributed systems with shared security by providing self-deployed infrastructure.

The Othentic Stack is a library of production-ready components that enables services to deploy infrastructure. Its framework for stateless rollups allows AVS developers to deploy custom computational services over trustless execution environments and deploy a network of operators that run arbitrary compute tasks. AVS developers can also utilize the Othentic Task Consensus to execute, validate, and approve diverse computational tasks, enabling customizable services and applications.

X announcement | Into the Othentic World article

Automata’s Multi-Prover AVS live on testnet

Last week Automata Network announced its Multi-Prover is live on the Holesky testnet. With A41, Pier Two, Staketab and among 21 operators to validate their transactions and 1,000+ stakers, the AVS already has 112K ETH TVL.

X Announcement

Gasp testnet launch

Last week, Gasp, the Ethereum native cross-chain protocol, announced the launch of Gasp testnet on Holesky. Gasp aims to address the liquidity fragmentation issue across multiple blockchains, leveraging Ethereum’s trust network and EigenLayer’s restaking technology for transaction validation.

X announcement | Blog announcement

Witness Chain partners with GM Network

Through this partnership, Witness Chain’s Watchtowers will safeguard the security of GM Network, the First AVS L2 for AI-Powered Consumer DePIN. This move enhances reliability of service and fosters interoperability across diverse IoT applications.


Renzo: first node with Luganodes and Eoracle points program

On April 19th, Renzo Protocol delegated 269,000+ ETH to Luganodes and is now securing EigenDA and Eoracle AVSs. Additionally, Eoracle announced it is the first points program to launch on the Renzo Protocol! By holding ezETH, Renzo users receive Eoracle points, based on the duration and amount of ETH staked.

Introduction to the eoracle Points Program

Brevis partners with Aligned Layer

Brevis is Aligned Layer’s first EigenLayer ecosystem partner. This partnership with Aligned Layer enables Brevis to reach faster verification times and reduce their ZK Proofs verification costs.

Announcement | Read more

P2P tops operator rankings

With over $1.3B in total delegations P2P.org tops EigenLayer operator rankings with 2,600+ total stakers.

U–1 X post

AVS Spotlight: Brevis

Brevis is a smart zero-knowledge coprocessor that empowers smart contracts to read from, verify and utilize the full historical on-chain data from any chain and run customizable computations in a completely trust-free way. Use cases include zkBridges, ZK identity, social account abstraction, data-driven dApps among others.

Brevis coChain accepts coprocessing requests from smart contracts and optimistically generates the results secured by a restaking quorum. Brevis was one of the first AVSs to go live on mainnet. It currently is secured by 57 operators, 27,900+ stakers and has over 1,093,000 ETH TVL.

Liquid Restaking Protocol Spotlight: Swell

Swell is a decentralized and non-custodial protocol that offers liquid staking and restaking of ETH. Users earn yield and maintain liquidity of their assets through LST or LRT tokens.

Additionally, Swell L2 will soon be available — a Layer 2 dedicated to restaking, built as a restaked rollup on the Polygon CDK. Swell L2 leverages EigenDA and Polygon’s AggLayer technology in collaboration with AltLayer, Chainlink, and Redstone.

This development expands the Swell ecosystem by integrating staking, restaking, and L2 operations, enhancing security and efficiency on the Ethereum network.

Read more | Swell

:newspaper: Community News:

Hack AVS

Dive into the world of Actively Validated Services with Hack AVS, the first global hackathon focused on EigenLayer’s AVS technology organized by Hacker Dojo.

Kickoff Date : April 23th

Workshop Period: Ongoing sessions throughout April and May

Judging & Demo Days: June 7th - June 17th

For more details and to register, click here.

Swell AMA: Exploring AVS Developments

This AMA session will introduce some of the first Actively Validated Services and discuss upcoming developments in the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Set your reminder for April 24th 01:00 UTC here.

What’s next for EigenLayer Post-Launch?

Figment will host a webinar to explore the transformative potential of EigenLayer and how its setting new standards in blockchain functionality with Sreeram Kannan on April 24, 4:30 UTC.

Register and secure your spot to be part of the conversation.

:books:Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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