EigenLayer News: Updated EIGEN token allocations | May 7th


  • TVL watch: $15.3B
  • Updated EIGEN allocations to the community
  • Aligned Layer Testnet in EigenLayer
  • Altlayer launches reALT token
  • Introducing EigenExplorer
  • Lagrange <> Polymer
  • Coinbase will become a node operator for EigenDA
  • Etherfi is live on Base
  • AVS Spotlight: Eoracle
  • Infinite Layers: Eoracle
  • Final Call for the EigenLayer Hackathon
  • Spaces: Electron + Aligned

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News

TVL watch

A week after announcing EIGEN, today EigenLayer reached a total value locked (TVL) of $15.3B according to DefiLlama.

Updated EIGEN allocations to the community

In response to community feedback, the Eigen Foundation will allocate 100 tokens to all users who’ve interacted with EigenLayer before April 29th to cover their gas costs.
This results in:

  • Season 1 users receive a minimum of 110 EIGEN (floor of 10 EIGEN + newly awarded 100 EIGEN).
  • Season 2 users who staked between March 15th and April 29th receive a minimum of 100 EIGEN.

Amounts will be reflected in allocations claimed after May 10th.

Additionally the team clarified that tokens for Investors and the team lockup for 1 year after transferability is enabled to the community (estimated for september 30th). And that missed testnet user allocations will be updated as part of Phase 2 of Season 1.
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Aligned Layer Testnet in EigenLayer

Aligned Layer is building a decentralized network of verifiers that can check proofs from any proof system in a fast and cost-effective way, and its testnet is now live on EigenLayer.

Aligned Layer’s design allows developers to choose whether to wait for a proof through the established validation in Ethereum, or opt for a fast mode verification. In its technical announcement, the team breaks down the reasons why it can achieve faster verification, including its use of alternative DA layers, leveraging parallelization, among others.

Additionally, this week Aligned Layer announced partnerships with Electron Labs, who is building a universal zk-proof aggregator, and Kakarot, the ZK Rollup built on the Cairo stack.
Testnet Announcement

Altlayer launches reALT token

Phase II of AltLayer’s staking introduces reALT, the restaked ALT Token.

ReALT is a ERC20 token that is issued to those who stake ALT in the main staking pool. ReALT introduces the ability to simultaneously participate in multiple pools, allowing for maximum exposure to other restaked rollup communities and incentives. Additionally, the new restaking design via reALT offers weekly auto-compounding of ALT staking rewards and eliminates the need to unstake from the main ALT staking pool to participate in LaunchPools.

Introducing EigenExplorer

EigenExplorer provides a range of REST-based API endpoints to access data about the EigenLayer ecosystem. Users can explore AVS projects and their associated data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.
Check out EigenExplorer

Lagrange <> Polymer

Lagrange announced its partnership with Polymer to enhance blockchain interoperability.

This integration aims to bring more reliability and faster transactions for Optimistic rollups. It will combine the capabilities of Lagrange’s State Committee, acting as a ZK light client, with Polymer’s interoperability hub for Ethereum, which leverages the Inter-Blockchain Communication standard.
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Coinbase will become a node operator for EigenDA

Coinbase Dev announces EigenDA will be the first AVS they will support as an EigenLayer operator. As more AVSs are online, Coinbase will assess and roll out their support for other AVSs.
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Etherfi is live on Base

Ether.fi is live on Base! Base users can now interact with Etherfi and access the benefits of re-staking natively on Base without bridging. This integration is aimed to onboard more users into crypto and facilitate the access and user experience of the staking ecosystem.

Read more | Check out Etherfi spaces for more details

AVS Spotlight: Eoracle

Eoracle is the first Ethereum-native oracle designed as a modular and programmable data layer that enhances Ethereum’s Proof of Stake by connecting smart contracts with real-world data. It provides dApps with native security, extensive real-world connectivity, and powerful off-chain computation capabilities.

Unlike traditional oracles, Eoracle leverages the decentralized network of Ethereum validators and restaked ETH, ensuring data integrity and reducing reliance on centralized data sources. This innovative approach not only enhances security but also fosters a truly decentralized and permissionless environment for data exchange and computation.

How Eoracle works | Eoracle Docs

:newspaper: Community News:

Infinite Layers: Eoracle

Yesterday, the second episode of “Infinite Layers” was released, continuing the series that highlights projects developed on EigenLayer. This episode featured Eoracle, the modular and programmable oracle network that leverages Ethereum’s security through EigenLayer.

Check out the recording

Final Call for the EigenLayer Hackathon

The EigenLayer Hackathon is fast approaching, and there are still a few spots available! Hosted by Encode and with new partners announced, the hackathon kicks off on May 13th.
For more details and to register, click here.

Spaces: Electron + Aligned

Today Aligned Layer and Electron Labs presented their new partnership!

In a Twitter Spaces, RJ, the founder of Aligned Layer, and Diego Kingston, Head of Research at Aligned Layer, join Garvit Goel, founder of Electron Labs to discuss ZK verification technology.
Check out the spaces here.

:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

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