EigenDA public resources

Hi folks. What publicly available material do you have on EigenDA? I found the following:

(I would have added more links in the above list but I’m currently limited to 2 links per post.)

Curious to learn more! Cheers.

EDIT: Specifically: Which DA solution are you using? Does it differ in any way from Ethereum’s proposed DA roadmap? Could you point to a technical document or white paper? We here at Espresso are conducting R&D into the DA landscape and are curious to get a deep dive on what different projects are doing.


Hi @ggutoski!

I leave you a Hackdm with a list of resources about EigenLayer, videos, interviews, articles, etc,etc.

Hope you find it useful!

Link: EigenLayer - The complete list of resources - HackMD


hey @ggutoski,

here is a thread i wrote about eigenda, talked a bit about how it is different from other data availability service like the one from celestia :

also from what i know, eigenda is standing on the shoulders of giants aka danksharding of ethereum researchers and the eigenlayer team is building the whole engineering around it.

some additional numbers, the node bandwidth of ethereum after proto dank sharding will be 2 MB/s and the data rate 83 KB/s.
thats great but we have to be more bullish on crypto specially when you think about things like social and games, afaik eigenda testnet is getting 0.3 MB/s as node bandwidth and 15 MB/s of data rate for 100 nodes …

hope that helps,


Happy to see my article was collected which makes my day! Thanks so much :)

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Thanks @ggutoski for the initiatives. I wrote an article which included EigenDA a bit. Would be great if you can add it!

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Thanks @Jiawei . I would add additional links from all the helplful replies but it seems I can no longer edit the original post.

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Future great project :blush: and i loved funding rase

thank you so much. very interesting everything

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I’m using nfd.gg as a guide to the testnet and it’s quite detailed.
the problem is that it’s not totally public. you need to buy an NFT in order to access.
totally worth it

Thanks for informing us.

You are very good. thanks for sharing


Go read it:

This platform is wonderful and hope to see more improvements

Thanks to you, I learned a lot of new things and I don’t even know what to offer

thx for this project and this comunity

Thanks for this :heart::rocket:I love being in a great community like this…

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