What is the Single-Slot Finality mean

Single-Slot Finality (Lightweight AVS): It is possible to imagine single-slot finality, where nodes
sign off on the finality of a block via an opt-in mechanism on EigenLayer [18]. The core idea
would be that nodes who have restaked can now attest that they will not build on a chain that
does not include the testified block, thus creating a potential finality pathway. Designing this
so that it is truly opt-in and does not break the consensus protocol is an important direction of

From the whitepaper, it expressed that single slot finality can be built based on Eigenlayer. But here anyone explain what is the Single-Slot Finality in simple word? Thanks


haha it seems that I got a nice explanation here


The single-slot finality in the blockchain confirms blocks irreversibly in a single round, but it has drawbacks. Low fault tolerance and vulnerability to long-range attacks weaken network integrity. Difference consensus and scalability challenges can arise due to the rapid confirmation process. It may also be more vulnerable to Sybil attacks, and unintended consequences may occur in smart contracts with a quick end.


Thank you for sharing your insights on Single-Slot Finality and the possibility of achieving it through an opt-in mechanism on EigenLayer. It indeed sounds like a promising direction of research. Ensuring that it remains truly opt-in and doesn’t disrupt the consensus protocol is crucial, and I agree that it will require careful design and consideration. I’m interested to see how this concept evolves and its potential impact on enhancing the finality pathway in the blockchain network.

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The single-slot finality in the blockchain confirms blocks irreversibly in a single round, but it has drawbacks thank you

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thanks for your explanation. Cause yeah actually I would like to know how Eigenlayer’s AVS play this role on the implementation.


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