Some question about Eigenlayer

  1. how to proof the safety of eigenlayer on tech side and tokenomic’s side ?
    There are still diff asset would be staked on Eigenlayer : ETH ,LSD ETH,ETH LP ,LSD ETH LP. In that case,all of the value of such asset is differnet ,what is the workflow of each part . What is the special part on your design for security ?

  2. Is there NFT that the restakers can get instead of FT ? In that case,how to solve the liquidity problem? (Like on Lido,the asset is liquidable,but it is not on EL )

3.How to ensure the participants keep active beyond the slash ?

  1. Will there be the bribe behavior or blockspace subscribing service happen when EL MEV service launch

  2. Will it be affordable for the Hyperscale AVS ? is there any estimated cost now


What you think about it @Soubhik @sam.omw1, guys?



1- would list 2 type of risks concerning the safety of eigenlayer : improper slashing and overleveraged.
For improper slashing, first services would have to go through security audits before deploying on eigenlayer but this is not enough since we are not (yet) at a stage where we are 100% sure the contracts will do exactly what it says. That’s why there will be a human subjectivity layer aka a veto commitee from reputed ethereum members that will be able to veto slashing if there is a contract bug or anything bad, only think they can do is veto slashing. Note that slashing is something that should be very rare and have to go through 2 steps, trigger slashing contract and approved by the veto committee.

Concerning the overleveraged part, recently talked about it on twitter and the EL team will soon give more details as well :

2- Afaik, nfts are not part of the rewards you could get, there could be dual staking model so different tokens as rewards but im not aware of anything related to nfts on eigenlayer tbh

3- I think honest participants just want to get more yield on their $ETH so they have no reasons to leave. In a scenario where a service has 10M at stake and for some reasons slashing get trigerred, then the service only have 4M at stake now. This service would be immediately informed by eigenlayer contracts of that so they can decide to increase the reward to attract more stake. We can also imagine like a pop up on eigenlayer saying “hey this service is now offering x amout of yield now” so new restakers could opt in to increase the security of the service and at the same time take advantage of the yield opportunity.

4- not able to reply

5- there are many possibilities about what you can do with services doing MEV management on eigenlayer, something like MEV smoothing would be hyperscale yes imo


Well Explain @sam.omw1. Probably these are the answer of your questions @Restaker.

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Thanks for the answers @sam.omw1

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