Slashing mechanism


i had a question concerning your last thread on twitter Sreeram, concerning the amount of stake that could be slashed, is it defined by eigenlayer or the service building on eigenlayer ?

on a service, i was thinking of implementing the same type of slashing that we can find on ethereum aka slashing the whole stake if many validators try to collude and make an attack or slashing only 1 eth if it is a mistake from one validator … from my understanding of your thread, the max slash possible on eigenlayer would be half of the stake but maybe im wrong so would love to know more about it !



Eigenlayer defines the max slashable per validator and then the service can define the actual amount slashed.So the architecture of OP is compatible with the fundamental design. We only recommend slashing for provably malicious violations (like double signing). While there is a scope for designing progressive slashing on eigenlayer, where the amount slashed per staker increases with the total malicious stake, such designs also really help only when there is client diversity so that if some fraction were faulty but not malicious then the other clients may not be similarly faulty.


that makes sense


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and so the max slashable per validator defined by eigenlayer is half of the stake or how it is ?

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looks good, to be honest

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What is slashing? Can someone explain? :thinking: