Explain Eigen Layer | A Restaking Primitive

I think that this is the most pressing problem for the protocol - it needs to answer what is it really for, and why would users want to use it! The website tends to use very technical language, and frames this in a way that is very degen (“just try it!”), or self-reliant on a deep dive (ie. DYOR, but where do users look?). Pushing people to read the white paper is a little harsh (as seen in the forum), as this is too over-complex for most users (as we can see, even most early adopters in these forums). Upfront, I think that the CTA on using this protocol needs a fairly major rejig. The UI isn’t a problem (in fact, it’s really pretty easy to use), but users will need to have - embedded in the front end and info/instructions - a lightweight model of what the systems is for, what it performs technically, why they might want to use it, and what investment value it will bring to their DeFi portfolio.