EigenLayer News: EigenLayer Hackathon workshops, ETHBerlin | May 21st

This week brings a shorter edition, but we recommend our ‘Stuff to Check Out’ section for more interesting resources and repos. Enjoy this week’s EigenLayer News!


  • TVL watch: $18.7b
  • OpenBlock introduces EigenLayer AVS Dashboard
  • Puffer’s Vampire attack begins
  • Gauntlet’s LRT Market Risk Framework
  • AVS Spotlight: DODOchain
  • Coffee & Books at ETHBerlin
  • EigenLayer Hackathon workshops
  • Sreeram on The Delphi Podcast

:globe_with_meridians: Ecosystem News:

TVL watch: $18.7b

As ETH prices rise, EigenLayer has a total value locked (TVL) of $18.7b according to DefiLlama.

OpenBlock introduces EigenLayer AVS Dashboard

Following the announcement of its partnership with the Eigen Foundation to deliver data-driven incentive modeling, OpenBlock has introduced AVS and Operator Intelligence. This feature offers a comprehensive view of the EigenLayer ecosystem, providing data and insights from April 2024 to the present.
Dashboard announcement

Puffer’s Vampire attack

Puffer is in the process of swapping their large holdings stETH into puffETH, to fuel staking decentralization. The first swap happened yesterday, redeeming 10k stETH for ETH. Lido dominance is expected to trend down as more withdrawals continue.

Gauntlet’s LRT Market Risk Framework

Gauntlet published a framework for evaluating market risks involved in each Liquid Restaking Token. Framework includes assessing: External liquidity, Withdrawals and the withdrawal queue, LRT volatility, and DeFi risk.
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AVS Spotlight: DODOchain

DODOchain MACH is a fast finality AVS designed for the DODOchain by AltLayer. DODOchain is an Omni-Trading Layer 3 platform powered by the integration of AltLayer, EigenLayer and Arbitrum Orbit, designed to connect Ethereum rollups and Bitcoin networks.

By consolidating liquidity from multiple chains into a unified trading environment and leveraging cross-chain technology and market-making algorithms, DODOchain aims to provide a seamless and secure trading experience. This approach enhances overall market liquidity and asset utilization across both EVM and non-EVM ecosystems.

Learn more about DODOchain MACH

:newspaper: Community News:

Coffee & Books at ETHBerlin

ETH Berlin begins this weekend! Instead of booths, this year ETHBerlin invited projects to suggest experiences for hackers. The EigenLayer team will be hosting a Cafe. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee at EigenLayer Cafe, then grab a special intersubjective book and much more. Check out ETHBerlin experiences.

EigenLayer Hackathon workshops

The EigenLayer Hackathon had a fantastic first week!

The hackathon includes a lineup of workshops on Restaking, AVSs, EigenDA, and many more during the first three “Educate weeks”.

  • AMA with Gajesh Naik, core engineer at EigenLayer, and Jackie (@agaperste) DevRel at Dune Analytics demonstrated how to build an AVS Explorer using the Dune API. Watch the recording.
  • Ken Miyachi introduced Polymer, providing insights on how to utilize its tools.


  • May 21st: Andrew Smith and Andrew Hathaway from Versatus Labs showcase how to build with LASR + EigenDA.
  • May 22nd: Expanding Ethereum Security with Near’s Fast Finality with Altan Tutar (Nuffle Labs).
  • May 23rd: Gajesh Naik, core engineer at EigenLayer leads the workshop on how to build the first AVS.

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Sreeram on The Delphi Podcast

Sreeram Kannan discusses Eigenlayer and how it extends Ethereum’s security, AVS, and the dual token model. Listen to the podcast here.

:books: Learn about EigenLayer

Key resources, docs and guides on: EigenLayer Hub

{Stuff to Check Out}

Coinbase’s EigenLayer AVS Landscape
Hello World AVS repo
EigenLayer’s Awesome AVS Repo
EigenLayer Holic’s AVS Landscape

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