Does it make sense for a non-Ethereum L2 to use EigenDA?

Does it make sense for a non-Ethereum L2, e.g., a Validium on BNB chain to use Eigen DA? Even if the EigenLayer contracts reside on ETH and validators also stake their tokens there, you still can present the evidence for slashing (Proof of Custody violation?) to EigenLayer contracts on Ethereum. So it seems from the point of view of the L2’s contract on ETH and BNB respectively, the trust assumption is the same, i.e., trust that majority of EigenDA nodes are honest and violation is slash-able?
Or maybe you need an additional trust on the bridge that relays information (e.g., EigenLayer contracts’ state) from ETH to BNB so L2 contract on BNB can verify EigenDA node’s signatures or the fact that enough nodes attest to the data?

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