Curious to learn about how yield from AVS is technically identified

What is the process for Eigen AVSes to distribute yield back to operators, restakers, and LRTs.

I haven’t seen much coverage on the AVS yield distribution process.

Any info helps :slight_smile:

Thank you


I have same question

Same here, are AVSs paying ETH to operators or some alt token?

Currently, each AVS needs to implement one thing on-chain: registration/deregistration conditions that define how an Operator registers for/deregisters from the AVS. This repo provides building blocks to support these functions.

Eventually, the core contracts and this repo will be extended to cover other conditions, including:

  • payment conditions that define how an Operator is paid for the services it provides
  • slashing conditions that define “malicious behavior” in the context of the AVS, and the punishments for this behavior

based on above document, it depend on the operator and AVS you are participating in it.

the AVS developer and creator could implement in a way to incentives participant with ETH, other type of token or even not incentives with payment because its not mandatory to paying reward.