Clarification on EigenLayer Operations and AVS Contract Integration

I have several questions regarding the operations within EigenLayer and the integration with AVS contracts.
Here is my understanding of EigenLayer:

  • The AVS contract contains the on-chain business logic, where the proof is verified at the end.
  • An EigenLayer operator sends the proof on-chain. To send proof or interact with the on-chain contract, the operator must register with the on-chain AVS contract.
  • Many operators already exist, such as EigenYields, AltLayer, and (all AVS) [].
  • I could set up this operator (if stakers delegate) to serve my AVS contract deployed on-chain.

I would appreciate any corrections if my understanding is not accurate.

Here are my questions:

  • The operators (EigenYields, AltLayer, have deployed software (client code) to communicate with on-chain AVS contracts. Where can I find this code (e.g., GitHub URL)?
  • If I want to modify the logic of the operator code, such as which function to call or how to send transactions to the on-chain contract, how can I do this? Is there any documentation available for guidance?
  • Is this the same process used by Brevis, Lagrange, and EigenDA?

Thank you for your assistance.

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