AVS' on Rails : accelerate building, portable executor cores, anti-slashing built in

I’m working on a framework/sdk that helps developers standup AVS’ systems in a matter of hours. You can get a local stateless pBFT cluster from a CLI in a few commands, or you can build raw golang Node.

The core AVS’ logic is pluggable using WASM, so that you don’t need to re distribute the entire Node, making upgrades seamlessly happen when Nodes are aware of the new core to execute in consensus.

I’m looking for AVS engineers that would be interested in helping me shape this, based on the different Middleware you are planning to build.

Happy to answer questions, or move to direct conversations to help you get moving.


Do the Nodes have to be permissioned or could be trustless?

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Heya! Definitely interested in talking. Would you be willing to integrate some of your work with our https://github.com/Layr-Labs/eigensdk-go?

We’ve been thinking about this a lot but AVS’ tend to all be very different and have different networking/communication patterns, which makes it hard to integrate into a single unified framework like cosmos-sdk/cosmwasm. If you have good ideas for how to do this though, we should absolutely talk!

They can be both permissioned or permissionless, we support both paradigms through an L1/L2 registry and parallel/adjacent contracts with EL.