The Restakening [newsletter]

Hi All,

Wanted to announce the launch of ‘The Restakening’ a community run newsletter, that will cover EigenLayer and it’s ecosystem developments.

The goal of the newsletter is to help educate the wider crypto-space on EigenLayer, it’s benefits and (hopefully) help drive community growth.

The first edition can be found here: The ReStakening 🥩 - The Re-Stakening

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Done. subscribed it.

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good luck for eigenlayer

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Second edition: Down the Restaking Rabbit Hole, We Go!

“In the latest edition of ‘The Restakening’, we look at: Spice AI, Nethermind BUIDLing, Hash3xyz Launch, the Bankless giga-brain panel ft Sreeram & Vitalik, Cross Domain MEV and the Restaking Capacity Increase.”

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