RIsk of restake LP token

I’m curious if anyone has assessed the risks associated with restaking LP-ETH or LP-LSD tokens, with liquidity being a primary concern. Who should be responsible for determining the restaking tokens and positions for an AVS? Considering that restaking will inherit security from Ethereum, what will happen if the LP liquidity is insufficient to ensure the safety of the service?


Liquid staking is not fair for the native staking


Eigen layer whitepaper mentions superfluid staking at one point, but it’s not really the most important thing for now


Thanks! Yes they mentioned it as one of their options but not say so much on it


I dunno of any risks involved


i wonder it so so much… if possible. i want to get a clear answer about it.

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Elaborate please, need more details

But it will be an important thing?:D

Risk is involved in every process.


Why it is not? :roll_eyes: And what do you mean ‘native’, node running? :upside_down_face:

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I guess the main risk is if the AVS behaves dishonestly by signing multiple contradictory attestations, or if users start leveraging LSTs emitted by AVS and it compromises the security of L1