PRO Delegators - Operator Profile

For us, being a good validator means excelling in three crucial aspects: community, technology, and economy.

From an economic standpoint, we are entirely self-funded, fully aligned with our delegators’ interests. A significant aspect of our vision is to offer tailored solution to both individual token holders and more sophisticated institution grade investors. We offer a comprehensive platform that streamlines and simplifies various tasks, this covers automation features, multi-account management, enhanced security, authorization management, vaults allocation, bulk transactions, and much more.

On the technical front, we place great emphasis on providing superior blockchain analytics, offering one of the fastest public RPC, constructing archive nodes, and offering advisory and mentorship services to web3 projects. We firmly believe in contributing to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem beyond our role as validators.

As community validators, we assume governance and educational responsibilities. We continually update our framework and provide up-to-date analysis of the crypto market’s evolution. Our team’s extensive background in financial risk management enables us to provide more than just technical operating services to our delegators. Our product offering is centered around intelligence and strategy, setting us apart from competitors.

Our conviction rests on the emergence of an entirely specialized political cadre, distinct from validators, a majority of whom are poised to transition into strictly technical roles. Our objective is to spearhead this unmistakable demarcation between execution and governance. This is the driving force behind our establishment of two separate entities: the validator itself and “Govmos”.

Govmos’ accounts are participating in multiple chain’s governance forums, including Cosmos Hub, Neutron, Stride, Osmosis, Dydx, … Within less than a year of existance we have managed to rank as the top contributor of the entire history of the Cosmos Hub’s Forum.

source: Members’ ranking (all-Time)

We strongly believe in statistics and these numbers are testament to our consistent engagement and the quality of our contributions, and we intend to provide the same level of commitment inside the EigenLayer’s AVS ecosystem.

The formation of PRO Delegators is a tale of convergence between three distinct entities. On one side, there’s Phil_RX, boasting more than 15 years of experience in traditional finance, trading-related businesses, and private financial advisory. The second entity is PRO Indicators, an open online community that has been sharing educational content on trading and investing since 2015.
Finally, in early 2023, PRO Delegators officially came into existence with the incorporation of Nuxian Labs, a Swiss developer team boasting 13 years of experience in the IT business and 7 years in blockchain development.

Nuxian Labs’ past achievements are here to prove the quality of their work. With just a team of 3 they have pushed:

  • Nuxian Payment – non-custodial and account abstracted smart contract for business payment.
  • Nuxian Rescue – Front running attackers by performing direct transaction injections through our nodes.
  • Nuxian Archive Node – Provide and maintain several archival nodes, mostly for Cosmos chains.
  • Nuxian Bot – A discord/Twitter/XMPP/… Bot; Accessing many event listeners that can be subscribed by the user
  • Nuxian ERC20 to IBC converter – we have created a public tori erc20 to ibc token.
  • Nuxian Castle keeper – a token/nft gatekeeper for any resource. Used it to protect our RPC access, but could have much more varied usecases.

On its end, Phil has also been very active. Both on the public & private side :

  • Strategic & Economic Advisor for Citadel.One (a top cosmos DAO validator).
  • Strategy Advisor for Nolus (a cosmos chain offering defi leases).
  • Recurring Advisory tasks with Yourssef Amrani, Co-founder of the Atom Accelerator DAO.
  • Assistance to Projects (Neutron, Duality, Osmosis, OKP4) on strategy, risk management, investor communication, tokenomics & marketmaking.
  • Member of groups & sub-DAOs (Osmosis Protocol Fee DAO, Cosmozens’ Assembly, …)
  • Created the “Govmos Initiative” to foster research content on governance in public forums.
  • Real-world crypto meetup events once a year.
  • Graduated from the 4th cohort of the Interchain Developper Academy (validating core knowledge of the Cosmos SDK).


Our presence is relayed through multiple channels including numerous social media individual profiles, websites, two Youtube channels, a twitch streaming page and Discord servers.


We have a strategy that differ from most other validators out there, we chose to be hyper focussed and to operate on a few chains and AVSs following a professional grade due diligence process. This allows us to perform the best quality of service for chains with the lowest possible fee for delegators.


On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your support and thank you for reading !