Perps DEX on top of EigenLayer

Had a fairly simple idea, thought I’d run it by the community.

Basically, think of a perps DEX, like GMX, but the pool of funds for payouts is comprised of restaked ETH, and payouts are granted as a liquid “restaking” token. Think of Lido, the price resembles ETH because those tokens represent a claim on staked ETH.

Same model could probably be applied to flashloans and other DeFi instruments.

I know this is a misuse of EigenLayer and restaking. Basically, the pool of funds securing the entire protocol (and other protocols too, evidently) would be gambled/speculated/ape’d with.

Not sure if I really have a point. Maybe: how long does it take until somebody builds a Perps DEX using restaked ETH? Is restaked defi doomed to fail? U sure about that?