New LST: rETH(StaFi Protocol)

New LST: rETH(StaFi Protocol ETH)


StaFi suggests the restaking of rETH(StaFi Protocol ETH) to the Eigenlayer community,

What is StaFi?

StaFi protocol is the first decentralized protocol unlocking liquidity of Staked assets.StaFi aims to solve the contradiction beatween Mainnet security and token liquidity in PoS consensus. The token holders are staking through staking contracts built in StaFi protocol, and then get alternative tokens(rToken - such as rETH).

rETH(StaFi Protocol): How Does it Work?

Users deposit ETH on StaFi Protocol without any limit depending on the user’s capacity. The deposited ETH is then staked by StaFi’s staking contract and it automatically chooses the best validators to generate and maximize the staking yields. Here would be a simple short video that could also help in understanding on how our infrastructure works,here would be the link

User’s that deposited ETH on StaFi will then obtain a rETH(rToken StaFi equivalent) that is of the same value he/she staked in stafi. The user can then trade freely the rETH(rToken equivalent) or provide liquidity(LP) to obtain more yield which they can stake along with our notable partners such as Curve, Pendle, Camelot, Convex, Aura Finance and Velodrome.

The Value of rETH(ETH equivalent rToken of StaFi Protocol):

rETH represents the ETH staked value of the user at StaFi Protocol.


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