Eigenlayer governance


In Part I: EigenLayer Governance Values, I presented what I believe to be an appropriate set of values for governing EigenLayer. The TLDR of that post is that EigenLayer should strive to implement a governance system that upholds the values of Ethereum itself—namely, Decentralization, Transparency, Inclusivity, Security, Flexibility, and Community.

In this post, I’ll get the ball rolling on community discussion around what EigenLayer’s governance structure should look like to uphold these values.

Why Should EigenLayer Protocol Progressively Decentralize?

As far as I’m aware, up to this point, the EigenLayer Team (LayrLabs) has been largely responsible for the development of the core EigenLayer protocol (as well as EigenDA) that is anticipated to be launched sometime in the next few months, but it is not without major thought contributions/insights from various people in the Ethereum community


Suggestion to write the Eigenlayer Constitution, with Articles pertaining to what exactly this community believes is DAO governance, and how the community will remain aligned through adversity.

DAO governance is extremely complicated.