A short Eigenlayer video explainer


We often receive questions like “What is Eigenlayer?” from people who aren’t as tech-savvy or familiar with the concept. So created a 10-minute video to help explain it.

Let us know your thoughts.

We’re open to transferring the ER to Layer Labs for free.



Well Explained @Samnode, I Appreciate your hard work while working on this amazing video. :grinning:


thank you for the video, subscribed

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thx a lot for explanation video

thanx, added my watchlist !

People need this. Thank you.

very well edited, and nice voiceover

wow, well im ready to try in light node :star_struck:

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This is excellent. Much appreciated.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth:Wonderfull. Thankssssss

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Very good video and explanation. I am glad to be a part of EigenLayer!

Awesome. Thank you for this explanation video!

@Samnode interesting. thanks my friend