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so far so good! staked both LSTs and initiated a 7-day w/draw on my deposited rETH!

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well, it was smooth and fast experience! waiting for release

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Great Job… it was fast and smooth

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I must acknowledge that I am thoroughly delighted by the comprehensive range of features being offered.
Without encountering any discernible obstacles, every transaction seamlessly proceeds with remarkable swiftness and impeccable execution.

Undeniably, this has emerged as one of the most gratifying experiences I have encountered while exploring an application. I eagerly look forward to the introduction of forthcoming features in the future.

I don’t get how to become validator in beacon pod

I didnt encounter any bugs while transacting on the Dex, But i believe the team can try to work something out concerning the faucet, though i dont have any issues because i successfully bridged aeth to geth which i used for the interaction, but it not everyone that know about this fact.

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very good app and useful
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The testnet is fast and scaleable, user friendly. Glad i did this when gas is low

Nice project. All perfect

This is perfect project. all fast

stake very easy. good testnet
I have had zero issues with delays or failed transactions. Many other testnets, this has not been the case. Looking forward to mainnet and happy to wait for a quality project that delivers.

I like project. all good

This project is really great, the features are interesting and there are some things that make me really like it, namely:

  1. the transaction is fast
  2. Elegant and easy to use
  3. the user can understand the menu perfectly
  4. There are no defects in the design
    For me all the process are going well, there’s no problem when i tested it

didn’t take much of my time, was easy to test and navigate.

I’ve just completed all the quests on the Eigenlayer testnet, and I must say, it was an incredible experience! Everything worked flawlessly

Kudos to the Eigenlayer team for delivering a rock-solid testnet. I’m extremely satisfied with its performance and functionality.

Testing Eigenlayer’s testnet was a breeze. The platform ran smoothly, and I encountered no issues. Highly impressed!

Eigenlayer’s testnet proved to be a reliable and robust solution. It met all my testing needs, and I’m genuinely satisfied with the results

After extensively testing Eigenlayer’s testnet, I’m pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations. It’s a solid platform that I wholeheartedly endorse.

I’m thrilled with my experience testing Eigenlayer’s testnet! Everything worked flawlessly, and I couldn’t be happier."