My staked ETH is missing

My staked ETH is missing. I stake 0.1 ETH using Swell Staked Ether. Now my ETH reduced to 0.0011.
All I have a Transaction Hash from EigenLayer: Strategy Manager which is Queue Withdrawal. I didn’t do this tx. When I checked Transaction no money transfer in that transaction or after that I can see. This has happened 65 days ago and because of I didn’t noticed early my Eigen points is minimal, got 10 Eigen plus I lost 0.1 ETH + gas fee.
Queue of withrawal tx has is:
As I stated before, If you check my transaction no token movement occurred. Don’t know where my ETH. Please help me. Thanks.

Dear EigenLayer mods, I got three reply for my post. All of them gave me three different ticket numbers with questionable links. One of the user just joined 30 min before. I am going to wait for real mods to reach me.