How to easily restake on Goerli

Testnet interface is good, but the testet works extremely slowly :face_vomiting: :poop:

testnet fully working, no issues/glitches, just a little slow in performing transactions

It’s going well with any interruption… :+1:

I had a problem with withdrawal(

its so easy to do all the tasks. congrats team

Very smooth & quick, one among the most easy experiences among others

everything simple, works as it should :smile:

it’s good and fine :heart::heart::heart:

useful topic
thanks :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

It was easy and smooth

Working fine all tasks completed.

Work fine to mee sir

Yeah! Staking was so easy and smooth!

Nice read,has a good testnet

The Eigenlayer testnet is a valuable opportunity for users to explore and provide feedback before the official launch, ensuring a stable and efficient network. Exciting times ahead!