How EigenLayer is revolutionizing the blockchain space?

EigenLayer is revolutionizing and empowering the blockchain space by enabling users to re-stake their ETH and extend crypto economic security to additional applications on the network. Eigen’s smart contract layer allows users to secure not only the Ethereum network but also other applications services such as oracles, bridges, RPC nodes, and layer2 rollups. Eigen also reduces security costs and systemic risks by leveraging an existing trust network to secure other infrastructure and middleware layers. While there are some security concerns over validators, Eigen provides a new way to see Ethereum beyond security and network securing. Eigen’s possibilities are endless, and it may prove to be one of the better trust layers out there. Eigen is the first in the business, and as the sector spurs, new ideas and innovation will kickstart new use cases and solo validators, improving decentralization and trust in crypto :rocket:


Never thought about RPC nodes. It would be a great idea, but user will prefer to use centralized RPC for free :confused:


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