Eigenlayer transaction fees

so i used your protocol it is too good for the moment right now but the problem is tho it is on testnet the fees are too much as recebtly goerli eth price has been increased u should reduce the fees or it would not be feasible friendly to try out your protcol as the amt you get per day was the cost for just 1 txn so pls look inti the matter and i really love ther ux dont change it
thank you


Биткоин ближайшие 5лет не будет правит миром.
Преимущества EigenLayer очевидны если еще и цену на газ снизить? ,будет песня.

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dipending on gwai , but still taking low gas fee.

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I hope this will not be a problem in the eyes of EigenLayer. :pray:
You can use the bridge https://testnetbridge.com/ and transfer a small amount of eth to a much larger amount of geth. Then no fee is terrible. :smile:

fees is in pocket all working good


transaction fee is very lo and its great according to problems to get georly faucet

For now it’s looking quite promising. Let’s keep testing!

As for me transactioin fees are too high, even for testnet, but at all everything works clean.

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Very low gas fee, That’s nice job

so eigenlayer will be sidechain? because now gas fees depends only on goerli eth

Devs should try to reduce gas consumption by a little amount, but Goerli fees are just really expensive

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Low gas trasac please

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not sure that devs can make fees lower than now

just check goerli gas fees, and do transactions when it low

eigen fees are quite low btw

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Thats cool then. Its going to be great

Very interesting , the gaz fee is low

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Thats pretty going to be fun

I think that fees are low in Eigenlayer and if there’s a problem in fees i’m sure that they’ll solve it in the future !