Discord now open @discord.gg/eigenlayer

Edit as of 4/6 - We’ve completed load-testing the EigenLayer Discord and its setup/structure. It is now openly accessible at discord.gg/eigenlayer. Looking forward to meeting!

EigenLabs is excited to announce the limited release of 100 invites to join the EigenLayer Discord server live today! This is an opportunity for early access to the community and to be part of the founding members of the server.

By joining the server, you’ll gain access to various benefits, including the ability to provide valuable feedback on the platform and help shape its future direction.

Here is a special invite link to the EigenLayer forum readers: Discord

EigenLabs team members will also share links, so if you missed this one, find them and follow the EigenLayer Twitter!


Wagmie are waiting mate. Wagmi :fire::fire::fire:


Let’s shape the future of Ethereum Blockchain :zap::fire:


Here we go, thank you !


Can’t join via link.


can you follow me on twitter and send me a screenshot from inside to know if im on the correct one?

seems the link was broken

i can’t join so sad :confused:

Or am I just too late :sweat_smile:

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already expired. waiting for new invite link

Send a message on twitter to @CheCoinMaxi


We need another link pls :blush:

Can we have the discord link pls, unable to message you over twitter

Hi. Brianna : )
how to join discord ?

Bots might be picking the links , why not please share the code only , and not the complete link . Thanks :blush:

Missed 2 sets of invites already sigh

I was too late, the invite link was expired

I was too late…sir plz moreeee!


Why not is it open to everyone?