Can someone tell me where all the yield (should) show up in this example

For example, User A has 100 ETH in their Metamask
User A stakes 100 ETH onto Swell (or Stakewise) at 3.5%
User A then sees the option to RE-stake on EigenLayer at 3.3%

My understanding from listing to hours and hours of podcasts is that User A should earn stake from Swell, and also from EigenLayer…but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Can anyone explain what yield user A should see in 1 year (assuming all things remain constant), and from where will said yield accrue and in what form?

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are there any non bots, regular users in this forum? the only responses I get are people wanting me to click a phishing link to get fake “support” and drain my wallet.

thanks for any legit replies guys,

Given that EigenLayer hasn’t launched AVS support yet, there are currently no AVSs to earn additional yield from. EigenLayer doesn’t have a token either.

Right now, you’re simply liquid staking ETH and depositing it into an EigenLayer smart contract. You should earn the same amount of rewards (minus commission) that you would from staking to a liquid staking protocol.

Thanks for clearing that up. So once it goes to MainNet will we earn yield on the original platform (say Swell, or Mantle, or Stakewise…and ALSO earn another 3-4% from Eigen Layer?

No one, in all the podcasts I have listened to, has broken that down or explained the math to me/us.

The way additional token rewards will be earned is through “delegating” to AVSs that commit to paying restakers for ETH economic security and subjecting their restaked ETH to additional slashing conditions. What that percentage of additional rewards and the denomination of those rewards are based on the AVSs you delegate to.


Is it just in my case, I suddenly can’t see my restaking rewards in Eigenlayer. The amount is zero (0), right now. Are there any possible explanations that someone can share?