Becoming an operator with plug and play staking solutions (AVADO)

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Avado is a company that offers a pre packaged ethereum node. Set up is made for non technical people, along with an easy to use UI, and the software for the node is downloaded before it is ever shipped to you.
I was just wondering if I wanted to become an Eigan layer operator but wanted to use my Avado as the operating node would this cause any problems? They update the client for you just like your home PC would and even though they have some integration with nethermind I was just curious if that would cause any issues different from running a node on my PC. I want to be a trusted Eigen layer operator but would like to use my Avado. Having non-technical people with access to nodes that they can point to the Eigen network would also help with decentralization I suspect but that is a topic for different time! Thank you all. great work


This is a great question I hope to see an answer.


Well I finally went to the discord and got confirmation from the team that the Avado would be compatible with Eigen node operation. They did warn me to be careful with other “plug and play” node companies, as it may not be the case for all of them.


Top thank you sir from your informations


thanks for this helpful information , god bless you

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